At this moment,Marjun Sima Pan loungely rushed to the city wall,Then I handed a fire painted bamboo tube to Wang Lin.:“Leader,Gao Bao sent a letter to a letter,Now people are in the city gate。”

So fast?
Wang Lin is slightly surprised!
He knows Gao Baoyi,Because of the previous letter,Gao Biyi said that he will come to Jingjing after the autumn harvest.,I personally talk about Wang Lin and moved together to Huainan.。
Oh,There is also a proprietary noun in this kind of thing.,Call“Shine”。In fact, it is not just Wang Lin.,Also included in those“brother”,All waiting“Shining town Huainan”!
However,What you want to do,People don’t want you to do!
Wang Lin is very clear,Shining town Huainan,Those people in him and,Absolutely big welfare。Just relying on the big soldiers, the soldiers are Huainan people.,It is enough to see the thick road of this matter.。
Clothing also,Who doesn’t care?Jing Wei This place is not a hometown of them to raise their.,What is worth falling??
It’s problematic.,Do you want to pay a price?,Go to Huainan to enjoy,Is this possible Yangzhou??
Of course it is impossible。
So Wang Lin is urgent to talk to Gao Baoyi,Both sides openly,Not talking about the routine。If Gao Biyi is not open,Then Wang Lin is almost certain,Bring on the road to Huainan, the army,It will be surrounded by the Elite army of North Qi.!
“Where is the person?,Take me to see。”
Wang Lin frowned。
Pan Zhong, this is not strong,Others are coming,You should take at least to me.?Is it also worried that the other party assassinated me??
Wang Lin heart is slightly dissatisfied。
But when he saw it,The dissatisfaction in my heart disappeared。Because of this“messenger”,I really can assassinate him。
“Uh,Dare to ask the big name?”
Wang Lin’s body is highly sound,If it is only high,More than the barely guarded guards in front of the front。But the other party is really thin with a bamboo pole.,Is it not good to eat around Gao Bao??
Wang Lin’s heart,But it is a bamboo pole.。
“I will stay in Fuyang City a day.,You will pay it back to me.,I am handed over to the main public.,that’s it。”
Bamboo poles are pale,It seems that the halo is powerful.,But the middle of the sputum is still very。Wang Lin nodded,Have a few words with Pan Zhong。
Waiting for them,Wang Lin found a quiet room with no one,Dismantle,Look inside the letter。Take a while,He put the letter down。
This letter did not write,Just say he Gao Baoyi follows,Already come to Jingjing。Then ask Wang Lin to take his own ship.,See the Hanjiang River in Changshou County。
If it is talking,Then he Gao Bao will follow your Wang Lin to return to Yanyang City to celebrate.。
Don’t say that if you don’t talk about it?,Around left, it is all home,Let’s talk about it next time.。
after all,If you want to turn your face,Can’t commit crimes,Two costs to pay,For both parties,Have a little big。
go,Still don’t go,This seems to be careful consideration。
A thoughts,Wang Lin’s heart has decided。
NS1179chapter Lifetime(superior)
Hanjiang, Changshou County,Quite wide,Come and seek ships like shuttle,A lively scene。Gao Bao stands on a reef on the shore,Fault,It seems to think about what is very deepest issue。
Han River,In fact, in ancient ancient a river,The area flowing is extremely wide.,And it is a golden waterway。
Why is the ancient Xiangyang City that is very prosperous??
Because the first big trilut of the Yangtze River Hanjiang,Not only the river is wide,And the water depth is enough,Even more wonderful,Its water flow is still no longer,Very suitable for shipping。
Fuyang City,On the key node of Hanjiang,By the way, connect to the South and South。
Waterway and land must be ever passed here,Can you not bustle??