Chu Deirers think he is a little awkward——Have you in touch with you,So the famous arrogance is fake,And my name is very true.,Means of……You feel that I am bad.?

Do you know how much do I know my friend??
“hehe,correct……What happened to Tong Tang??Why don’t you come??”Chu Deiren heard a sentence and asked a sentence.。
This kind of bears in the original,Earlier is the unbeaten hardcore supporter,Let me have not been in exactly.,Tong Bai Bear has saved the unbeaten life of the East,When the East is not defeated, I am going to do it.,Tong Bai bear hand blade a lot of opponents,However, after the incover of the East,Dething, Yang Lianting,The old brothers in the teaching are open to,Tong Bai Xiong only has contradictions with Yang Lianting,It is the unbeaten by the Oriental.!
But in the big rivers and lakes,Oriental is unable to fail《Sunflower》Later……
Although this kind of feelings are not fake,But this becomes direction,Different from the original。
After all, I can’t put my psychological metamorphosis.,And no domineering from the past。
Yang Lianting, no specially confident,There is no such expansion in the original,There is no soliracy、Exclusion,And Tong Bai bear is still still unbeaten in the East.。
There is an unbeaten earthquake,He and Yang Lianting can only say it.“Colleagues don’t have a good relationship?”,I haven’t coexisting pointless。
Shangguan Yunnan,Show some 愁,Previous steps:“Hey,Not,Tong brothers have come together with me.,How……On the road is the emergency,I have now alleviated,Resting in the shock,I want him to stay in the oasis town before.,But he is 脾,Lord’s difference,It is also necessary to complete,Don’t see Chu brother。”
“Oops!That Chu is really sinful,Now the children can wake up?Chu, I want to thank myself.,And Chu《God》Maybe it can be used。”Chu Deiren said quickly。
At the same time, I also looked at a certain soft car in the team.——Very conspicuous,Because……Tag fetal is also showing police,This seda,The most hostility for yourself!
And different from Shangguan Yun……
Although Shangguan Yun has a concealed hostility,But for yourself,No threats,And the people in the car,Even if you don’t have to make Chu Deire、Have the degree of life threat,But it also makes the understanding of the police。
certainly,Chu Deirers also understand,This is not a million——How is the worship??
In some special occasions,For example, if you are reluctant to reveal the name of the Yue Xiamen, the palace,Will fail to fail……
But since there is a show,Chu Deirers are particularly careful。
“Such very well,Chu brother please。”
Follow the official clouds to the soft depositor,Chu Deirers can hear soothing and some heavy breathing sounds,It seems that it is indeed a big illness,Still sleep。
Chu Deman greeting:“Children’s main,Chu’s rude。”Said that it seems like ignorant,Stretch your hand to the car……
as predicted,Chu Deiren just reached out,Immediately detail!
The appearance of the other party has no heart,Directly buckled the Chu Deirers’ wrist,Lucky goggles、Positive Valley of Chu Deeng wrist,then……A while。
The original Chu Deirers have six seven caves,It should be that I am tricking up the official cloud.,At this time《Plastic star Dafa》,I am sure when my heart suddenly!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 622 Hint
Let me know how to understand《Plastic star Dafa》,Even if the Chu Dee will also,but“Lap”It is the strong acupuncture point of the play star Dafa、“Yanggu points”It is a weak acupuncture point,In his opinion, this hand,Summer,Forced this small child to stand back……
However, he doesn’t know.,Chu Deirers are ready,And the strange merits have come to him.,Early open five right fingers“Tena”,Total as moved to Yanggu waiting for him.!
Chu Deiren“Chaotic work”,Can be somewhat,Make your own meridians as if“innate”Finally different from others——Pocket points,Show your wrist,That is here。
Let me feel the wrist of Chu Deirers.,In fact, it is sucking“Tena”、Equivalent to paws with palm!
The two are angry when they come to the time.,Just dissipating part,Push the crash,Four sunset disciples,It is quite faithful to me.,I am ready for a while, the Chu Deirers are preserved.,They have a strong,But the skill is not hi,Directly crucified four to vomit blood。
“Bold!”Mei Lan Zhuju,Pull the sword to the sneak attack。
“And slow……”Shangguan Yun also ate it,I didn’t expect to be a teacher who had no heart to be aware.?
However, he has already served the three corpse of our bank.,At this time, you must save it.,Even busy,The post-emergency block is in the Merlan bamboo chrysanthemum,Sweep four women’s long swords。
In fact, even if he does not shoot,Sijun’s martial arts,It’s hard to hurt me at this time.——Just just the strength of the Chu Deirers,It is not a general two-three-flow characters.。
Ten Xuan’s resistance,Naturally, it is not a ratio of Yanggu.,What’s more, Chu Deirers are now profound in pure skills.,I have exceeded the true level of our bank.!
《Plastic star Dafa》and《Dafa》different,Suiry,Not only there is a risk of self-conflict,And the internal force that is usually cultured with oneself,Also clear,Can’t equally——I have said that I have said that I have said.,Suckable internal force,Not smashed by self-cultivation,Even normally,Need special to run。
Although I am doing now,It is necessary to have a lot when it costs the oil in the dunge.,Especially for those years,He is absorbed by the outside air basics.,I have made a lot of time for this time.。
But let’s do the real skill,Not as good as Chu Dee,As for the external arrogance,He doesn’t play a dozen effect again.,The two people fight,He also still does not take up the wind!