Ouyang Hong can’t stand it anymore,She glared at Xia Jian and said:“Shame!“Curse this sentence,Stopped a taxi and drove away。

This made Xia Jiangi’s eyes wide open with anger,Overwhelmed for a while。The woman saw Ouyang Hong left,He quickly let go of the hand holding Xia Jian。
“who are you?Who made you come?“Xia Jian gave a cold drink,Looks a little scary。
Which woman smiled and said:“Don’t Xia be angry??I’m just kidding you,Do you have to be so serious?
“Is this a joke?You ruined my reputation,You wait,I will let the police arrest you”Xia Jian said,Took out the phone。
Which woman wants to call Xia Jian?,I became nervous now,She lowered her voice and said:“Don’t call the police,Boss Wang asked me to come over and make a joke with you,He said you two belong to the same village,And the relationship is very good,That’s why I came here,How else would I say such things”
Boss Wang?Grew up in a village。Xia Jian just understood,It turned out to be the ghost of Wang Youcai, This guy is too bad。Xia Jian looked around,Can’t see his shadow at all,He might have ran away by this time。
When Xia Jian turns around,I found a woman who ran away with high heels,As if afraid Xia Jian would beat her。Xia Jian, who understood it, had the intention to beat him up,He hurriedly called Ouyang Hong over,But the other party is always on the phone。Xia Jian understands,This woman has pulled him into the blacklist。
It’s almost time to look at the watch,Xia Jian stopped Di Di,I rushed back to the staff dormitory and started my own big run to Pingyang Town。But not as he expected,He didn’t see any welcome ceremony at all。
His car stopped at the town government compound,I saw Deputy Mayor Zhao and Secretary Wang greet me。The three of them shook hands,We were polite to each other for a while,So I went to Xia Jian’s office。
Xia Jian’s office is also on the second floor,Ouyang Hong’s office is just separated by a wall。But the layout inside,It should be the most luxurious one in the town government of Pingyang Town。
“This is arranged by Mayor Ouyang,She said you are the group boss,Used to sitting in a big luxury office,If we are like us,You will not get used to,So we spent some money”Secretary Wang suddenly smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jianyi listen,Suddenly under pressure,He laughed and said:“How can you get this money,Your office expenses are tight,I know this,So how much did you spend this time,Just give me all the documents”