[How chicken simmers water]_Hot water 焯 _How 焯

[How chicken simmers water]_Hot water 焯 _How 焯

Chicken is a common food in people’s daily life, and many people like to eat chicken.

The nutritional value of chicken is also relatively high.

However, when cooking chicken, if you want to make it more delicious, you need to simmer the chicken before cooking, so that the earthy smell of chicken can be removed.

So, how can chicken water be better?

The specific methods will be introduced below!

First, why the chicken should be simmered? The chicken needs to be simmered before cooking. This step is to remove the dirt, blood and chicken smell in the chicken, but the simmered water is also particular about cold and hot water.The scooped chicken had a completely different taste. Many people got it wrong, no wonder the fishy smell was very heavy.

This step in Lishui is very important, so everyone must not be sloppy.

Second, the chicken simmered with cold water or hot water. Chicken simmered with cold water should not use hot water, otherwise it will affect the taste of the chicken, the most important thing is the remaining heavy raw fishy smell.

If you use cold water for the first time, you can reduce the loss of chicken nutrients, and then you can clean the chicken from dirt and blood, and the raw fishy smell.

So chicken water should be cold water, but in order to completely remove the fishy smell of chicken, we also need to pay attention to the method of water.

Third, the method of chicken simmering water First, we clean the chicken, cut it into pieces, then put it in a large bowl, pour cooking wine and ginger slices, marinate for half an hour, let it fully combine, this can also be achievedFishy effect.

Then boil a large pot of boiling water and add boiling water, add cold marinated chicken pieces, and finally add a few slices of ginger and green onions to achieve a better fishy effect.

As the temperature rises, some blood foam and black oil slick will slowly appear on the surface of the water, which will be removed.

Don’t simmer for too long. It should be controlled for about 7-8 minutes. After all, it’s not chicken soup. After removing the water on the surface of the water, you can remove all the chicken pieces and rinse them with cold water.Can make chicken more firm and tender.

The processed chicken will not have a bit of raw fishy smell, and the meat will become more tender and smooth. After using it, it will not only adjust the cooking time, but also make the chicken taste more delicious.