Shenze Jinzhou fully resumes normal production and life order

  On November 14, from the General Office of the Epidemic Prevention and Control, Control and Control, from the deep Zeze County, the region outside the sealing area and controlled area, and the regional control area, in the provision of normalization of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and fully resume normal production. Life order.

  According to reports, in addition to the sealing area, the control area continues to implement the current control measures, the residents of all communities, villagers in Shenze County, the villagers of the villages are scanned, and they are measuring and entering, do not gather, prevent cross-infections, and restore normal production life. Do a good job in foreign personnel, where to come (return) Shenze personnel take the first time to actively report the trip to the community (village) or unit, and do the corresponding epidemic prevention and control measures.

  Fully restore normal traffic travel order.

Turn the county traffic control.

In addition to the sealing area, the control area and the isolation point, the recovery personnel, the vehicle across regional flows. Encourage travel to choose a private car. Restore transportation, urban-rural public transport in the jurisdiction, strict implementation of vehicle disinfection, and passenger’s implementation of no more than 50%. Restore taxi, webmark operation, strictly implement the "a single ventilation" disinfection requirement.

  Accelerate the restoration of the business service industry. Public places such as restaurants, shadow theater, Internet cafes, libraries, cultural museums are fully resumed in the case of doing a good job in preventive control and control measures in public places.

Each catering business unit can open the temple, private room service, and do not receive large dinner activities such as wedding, celebrations.

  Comprehensively promote the recovery of enterprises.

All kinds of enterprises are strictly implemented by protective guidelines, with prevention and control management systems and responsible persons, protective materials, medical power support, have isolated transport arrangements "five" requirements, in accordance with safety production norms, comprehensively comprehensively Produce. The relevant departments should strengthen policy implementation and provide good service. Give full play to the role of the grassroots "whistle".

All kinds of medical institutions at all levels must implement pre-inspection and closing system and first consultation system, and have a good protection condition to a heating clinic under protection conditions.

The township hospitals, villages, and clinics, grassroots medical institutions registered with the heating patients received, and established a temporary isolation ward (room) for patients, and referred by the consultation unit or the emergency center (station) to the hot clinic. All kinds of pharmacies in the county should establish and improve the "four types of drugs" sales (including online shopping) real name registration system.

In "four types of drugs", except for non-parallel-pure Chinese medicine preparations for preventing and treating external diseases (such as lofty grains capsules, Qingling soft capsules, slate blue roots), other drugs are purchased by prescription.

  It is also known that the Office of Jinzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice on November 14, from November 15, 2021, on the basis of strict implementation of normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, the municipal sealing and restoration is normal. Production of life order.

  The announcement requires that the promotion of the Jin Qifu should take the first time to actively report the trip to the community (village) or unit, implement the epidemic prevention and control. The general public consciously abide by the prevention and control regulations, do a good job of daily protection, handwashing, Changtong, entry into the wearing mask, temperature measurement, scan code, registration, not gathering, no pile. Without approval, large aggregated rally and events are not held, and the red and white is simple and not going to the high-risk area. Such as fever, cough, diarrhea and other new crown pneumonia-related symptoms, do a good job in the ground, call 120 to take a negative pressure ambulance to medical institutions to send a hot clinic. (Reporter Dong Chang, Ren Zai Light).