When Han Genji was talking,The voice is still low,But there was a little joking in the deep voice。

“Isn’t this all impossible!So do you think about how to die??”
Yao Yao smiled,Neither he nor Han Genji answered each other’s questions,But both of them succeeded in arousing each other’s anger。
Seeing the smile on Yao Yao’s face,Han Genji also laughed,Even his shoulders started to shake。
Rush to Yao Yao,All the anger gathered on the fist。
It’s not that Han Geunji’s hands are dead.,But there has never been a person,Will make Han Geunji look like this,Urgently want to get rid of harm for the people。
Watching Han Geunji hit him,Yao Yao didn’t care at first,I’m used to seeing swords and shadows and bullet rain,These so-called underground forces in China,In Yao Yao’s eyes, they are just like children playing house。
But when Yao Yao planned to take the fist from Han Genji,,The brief contact made Yao Yao a momentary vigilance that only appeared when he was working。
I gave up halfway through the idea of taking Han Genji’s punch.,Dodge quickly,The palm of my hand is still hurt by Han Genji’s fist wind。
“Often heard,Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger,Now it seems so!”
Yao Yao said with a smile,Secretly shakes the palm to relieve the pain,Yao Yao is also secretly complaining about Xiang Chen,Didn’t you say that you want to support the elderly??Why did you choose such a dangerous place??
I passed Han Genji’s fist,Yao Yao just stood firm,There is another breaking wind in my ears,Yao Yao can’t think about it,Jumped up,Dodge the swept iron rod,Yao Yao leaned on the helmet of the man who attacked him with one hand,Forcibly pressed the man’s helmet into his collarbone。
Han Genji took a breath,I didn’t expect myself to become a truth,This ladyboy in front of me is really a master!
Fortunately, I am in a tacit understanding with my brothers around me,No verbal communication,Don’t even need to look,They know what they are thinking,This makes Han Genji very satisfied。
“Kill it!It’s just for the people!”
Han Genji said lightly,Then everyone rushed towards Yao Yao。
“It’s really a group of energetic young people!”
Yao Yao smiled,The smile on his face is alluring。