Tian Xingyao on the other side did not miss a wonderful moment,The flash of the camera in hand is always“Pop pop”The ground flashes non-stop。

Lin Yuner saw Xiao Fan just holding her right hand stupidly,Gritted his teeth,Reminded:“Did you bring that ring with you?!”
Xiao Fan first nodded blankly,When I was about to say something,It just reacted all of a sudden,Widened his eyes,Looked at Lin Yoona with an incredulous expression。
Lin Yuner sees it,I know Xiao Fan should have understood his intentions。
At this moment,Lin Yoona’s eyelashes trembled slightly,The emotions accumulated since just now also collapsed rapidly at this moment,The tears in my eyes rolled down one by one。
Xiao Fan didn’t expect Lin Yun’er to cry suddenly,I suddenly became anxious,Why is this crying for no reason??
Did she make her upset somewhere??
Before Xiao Fan wanted to understand why Lin Yoona would cry suddenly,I heard Lin Yuna say:
“Xiao Fan,I do!”
Xiao Fan is hearing“I do”When these three words,As if struck by lightning,He finally understood what Lin Yuner was going to do,Kneel down,Let him take out the ring,Isn’t this the ceremony of marriage proposal??
correct,This is the ceremony of marriage proposal,Xiao Fan’s heart is very clear。
for“I do”These three words,Xiao Fan has been waiting for a long time,But when he was not ready yet,Lin Yoona actually said it even when he was completely unprepared。
Since the years since he married Lin Yoona,Lin Yoona’s indifference towards him from the beginning,To later acceptance,And now sincerely accept,Xiao Fan has experienced too much。
But fortunately,All his efforts were not in vain,Lin Yoona really told him“I do。”
And Xiao Fan knew in his heart,starting today,From this moment on,All the life trajectories of him and Lin Yoona,Has been completely integrated together。