“Sick。”Bed bugs vomit thick sputum when they open their mouths,Scratch your head,The expression suddenly became weird again,“I took it down to the Wang Po and the others the day before yesterday,Many residents blocked the vehicles and did not allow demolition,It turned out to be with the people from the demolition office。These two have to run over to join in the fun,Got kicked。”

Li Tianchou nodded,Sure enough, something,But did not delve into the strange expression of the bug,“What about Wang Po and those nearby neighborhoods?”
“Wangpo doesn’t know。It’s a mess anyway,Almost killed。The demolition office didn’t know where they got the scum,Neighbors are not rivals at all。I saw the idiot named Dongnian at the opposite door sitting on the ground,Pour the whole bottle of gasoline on。Lao Tzu……Do not,I haven’t reacted yet,The flames have burst,Scared my legs and feet soft,Walking。”The bedbug tells of the tragic scene he saw with his own eyes。
Li Tianchou heard the blood surge,For a long time, a few vicious words popped from the teeth,“Son of a bitch!and after?”
“later……Then Erganzi was thrown down by a neighborhood holding a quilt,I didn’t die on the spot anyway。Many people came later,Police,Doctor。”
“go,Let’s go see the captain first。”Li Tianchou grabbed the bug,“What about the rest?”
“Jiu went to work in an Internet cafe in the city center,Sometimes come back,Sometimes don’t come back。Ahuang and Lan Mao are still in the salon,Can’t eat and starve。correct,Depp is back too,Do nothing like me。”
“Ok,Go there,Call him up,By the way, look at Ajiu and others,If in,Call all together。”Li Tianchou let go,Gave the bug a kick,“I’ll wait for you at the north road ahead。”
The bug got a cry,Gallop away,I can see that I am very excited,But it just gives people a weird feeling。Li Tianchou can’t figure it out,I don’t even think about it。Stroll down to the braised meat shop at Beima Road junction,Pork head、I bought a portion of the sauce beef,Made another roast chicken,Full of。Captain, this foodie likes meat,No Wisdom at all,What kind of Taoist research,Li Tianchou shook his head thinking about it。
Waiting for a cigarette,Bed bugs came with everyone,Are all except Ah Jiu。
“Ah Jiu didn’t come back today。”Bed bug panting,The people behind looked at Li Tianchou,All excited,Can’t speak for a long time。
“What happened?I didn’t say anything when I saw him?”Li Tianchou laughed,“Shake hands?Still hug?”
The bug was the first to pounce on Li Tianchou with open arms,Depp and others hug in turn。