Dim lights at night,Li Tianchou didn’t pay attention to what ward is on this floor,The layout is similar anyway。As soon as I slipped into the ward area, I heard a soft tink in the elevator,Immediately there was the sound of messy footsteps,It’s bad in my heart,The other party followed up so fast,Forcing him to flee deep into the ward,Maybe Old Xiao has taken control of the monitoring room of the building。

The east-west corridor is thirty meters long,Back to the elevator,Li Tianchou quickly discovered a spherical probe,Just above the head,He took out his handkerchief and covered it。I didn’t find an emergency channel while walking fast,But there were rapid footsteps from the two diagonal fire exits,Helpless,He found an empty ward and quickly flashed in。
Now I can only climb through the window,I really regret that I somehow ran to such a high floor,If it was the seventh floor just now,The problem is much simpler。Fortunately, there are many places where you can get hands on the outer wall,Many horizontally staggered stone decorations are an excellent borrowing point。The only thing you need to fight for is time,Don’t be found after climbing halfway,I can only blame myself for bad luck。
In the night,The lights downstairs are very sparse,Stars and dots have limited lighting effect,So the environmental protection effect is very good。Li Tianchou’s location is east of the north side of the building,The main entrance and exit just downstairs just diverged,He turned out the window without saying a word。
Climb a straight wall without any protective measures,This is the first time Li Tianchou has done this,The rock climbing training in the army for nearly two years has laid a solid foundation for him,despite this,He is still a little nervous。After all, it has a height of six or seventy meters,Falling down is not a joke。
After climbing a few floors,Li Tianchou gradually let go,I also know the layout of decorative stone strips,So use both hands and feet,Boost。He is now not too worried about the group of people chasing upstairs,After all, it takes time to find rooms one by one。
Arrived at the top of the podium smoothly,Li Tianchou was relieved,Look up at tall buildings,Can’t help but sweat。After the night wind blows, my body is cold,Only then did he realize that his whole body was already through,It is not clear whether it is due to physical exertion or fear。
Li Tianchou dare not stay,I quickly found the location of the emergency passage I saw during the day,Go downstairs cautiously,There are no people outside as I imagined,This time Lao Xiao is probably a hundred secrets.。
But such a lucky thought only flashed in my mind for half a second,The side door on the right turns around four or five figures,The opponent’s flashlight suddenly emits a dazzling glare,Li Tianchou has no chance to return to the building。
“who?Stand still!”With the shout of the other party,One or two police officers rushed over quickly。Li Tianchou turned around and ran away without answering,On the right side of the inpatient building is a three- or four-storey small building,I can’t talk about roundabout and hiding,Can only run forward desperately。That direction is the back door of the building,Dozens of meters further ahead,Passing through the flower bed is the wall,And the only way to run。
Li Tianchou is in a hurry,Throw the opponent far away in the blink of an eye,The warning and noise behind him are loud,In this way, I was completely exposed。With Xiao Yadong’s adaptability,Just a moment,All police forces will be concentrated at the back door to surround him。So every second counts,Several figures flashed out from the back door at this time,Obviously got notified to participate in the containment。
Li Tianchou has nothing to worry about,Force under your feet,Rush towards each other。The besieged police officer was surprised,Obviously insufficient preparation,The opponent’s momentum is extremely fast,The one in the front has forgotten to call out the warning,He shot into the sky with a bang。
But Li Tianchou’s speed is too fast,The reverberation of the gunshot has not gone away,The police officer who fired was hit by him well fit,The dumb work of several other police officers,Li Tianchou has passed them like a gust of wind。Everyone finally realized,Drew guns to warn。
“boom”Another shot,It’s not a warning,A police officer finally couldn’t hold back shooting at Li Tianchou’s leg。Although missed,But it scared Li Tianchou into a cold sweat,These people really dare to start,It seems that today is a lot of bad luck。He weighed quickly in his mind,It doesn’t seem to be a good way to climb the wall,I’m afraid people will be sifted before they climb。