Seeking a reward

Chapter Fifty Nine:Be put together,See old man again
“Uncle Murong,I don’t think that human destiny is irreversible!”A voice came,Everyone looks out the door,It is Ye Fuming who has returned from the black market。Murongyuan saw that it was Ye Fuming,His face became a little gloomy,But he was immediately hidden,Immediately greet you with a smile“Turned out to be Fuming Brothers,It’s been a long time”
Step into the room,Just a deep glance at Murong Yuan,Walked past him sideways,Murongyuan saw Fuming smile to him,Unspeakable in my heart。
“It turned out to be Fuming”Murong Ba asked Qingling to help him sit up,Extremely pale,I’m a little weak in speaking。
Fu Ming stepped forward to observe Murong Ba’s situation,Then he said:“Qingling,You take everyone out first,Uncle Murong and I have something to say”
Qing Ling glanced at Murong Ba hesitantly,I’m not worried that Fuming will harm Murong Ba,I’m just worried that Murong Ba will be uncomfortable if no one is looking after。
Murong Ba nodded towards Qingling,Qing Ling got up and waved to everyone“Follow me out”
Murong Yuan was anxious watching this scene“Qingling sister,Is it not good for Fuming brothers and foster father to stay here alone?”
Murong Qingling glanced at him indifferently,About to speak。
“Yuaner,Go out,Fuming will take care of me”Murong Ba coughed twice,Let everyone out。
Murong Yuan squeezed his fist,Although it is full of unwillingness,But he also knows that he must never confront Murong Ba at this moment,Bow slightly,Turned away。
Wait till everyone leaves,Murong Ba looked at Fuming“Speak,What the hell”
Mysterious smile。
(Half an hour ago)
“You are not kidding,Your dignified student is looking for blood to kill?Didn’t you come to post a reward task?”Ringo got up and patted the dirt,Ask to Fuming。
Pouted“This one,You don’t need to ask so much,Since you know,Just take me there,Save me looking for it”
Ringo’s eyes flickered,It seems that he is not willing to go to the branch hall。