[Boiled Crab Practice]_ making method _ home practice

[Boiled Crab Practice]_ making method _ home practice

Many people have eaten crab, and now people’s living standards are constantly improving. Crabs are already a very common food on our table. Crabs are rich in nutrients, especially protein, various vitamins and trace elements.After eating, it is very good for your health, but there are many ways of crabs in life. Boiled crab is a very common practice to keep the original flavor of crab.

The practice of boiled flower crabs. Encyclopedia 1: Put the crabs in a large washbasin with clear water, add a small amount of salt to it, cover it with a cover quickly, and press it. After 5 minutes, wash the appearance with waterAdd to container.

The previous process was to stimulate the crabs to spit out the belly with salt water.

② Put an appropriate amount of cold water in the pot (based on the amount of crabs that can overflow in the pot). Put the crabs in the pot, quickly cover the transparent pot lid, press the pot lid, and cook on fire, the crab slowly diedAfter the water is boiled, until the crab shell is bright red, when the crab meat is mature, remove it.

Practice II 1.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pan and add the ginger to the boil.


After the water is boiled, put the crab into it. When the water is boiled again, add an appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine.


Cover and cook for about ten minutes until the crabs are cooked.


Remove from the pan and eat with minced ginger and garlic and vinegar.

Cold or hot water for boiled hairy crabs?

If you cook boiled hairy crabs with cold water in the beginning, you will lose some of the deliciousness and nutrition of hairy crabs.

Therefore, first boil the water and cook the hairy crabs for a while, then you can ensure the deliciousness and nutrition of the hairy crabs.

How long does the crab boil?

Whether it is boiled crabs or steamed crabs, the time is about the same, usually about 15 minutes, depending on the number and size of crabs, but ca n’t be cooked for too long, otherwise the crab meat will grow old, which is not deliciousAlready.

Practice # 3: The method of cooking crabs is very simple, just put it in the water and cook it, but before you cook the crabs, you must carefully clean the fresh crabs you bought, you can put them in clean water and raise a fewHours, then add a small amount of white wine to the water.

2. After being stimulated by alcohol, crabs in the water will accelerate the metabolism of the body, and all the dirty things inside the crab body will be transferred to the water. After absorbing a small amount of alcohol, the crab’s activity will be reduced a lot, and its attack power will be weakened. PeopleDon’t worry about being attacked by crabs when cleaning manually.

3. After the crab is soaked, he should open his navel, dig out the dirt inside, and then remove the crab’s gill, and then rinse the crab with water. For those gaps that cannot be washed out with water, useBrush the toothbrush carefully. After washing it, make crabs and put them in clean water, keep them for 3 to 4 hours, and then rinse them under running water.

4, prepare a stainless steel pot, put a sufficient amount of water in it, put the cleaned crabs directly into the pot, prepare a piece of ginger, cut it into ginger slices and put them in the pot, cover the pot lidHeat and boil. Turn on low heat immediately after boiling. Use medium heat to cook crabs. Cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. The crabs in the pot will be cooked thoroughly.

5. The methods and steps for cooking crabs are relatively simple, but everyone must pay attention when cooking crabs. After boiling, you must not use high heat to cook, otherwise the eight legs of crabs will accumulate, resulting in a lot of crab nutrition.Lose, and the taste of crabs will not be too good after cooking.