Everyone has no objection,The Dai Zong ship speeded up immediately,Go straight to the coordinates scanned by the energy radar。

As a result, this move,Really let them find Lord Wuhao。
Lu Menglin took off the white tiger armor,Sneak all the way,I didn’t want to fight,Because there are too many Zuma monsters around,It’s impossible to kill,Personal force,Use it to kill those miscellaneous soldiers on this large-scale battlefield,Doesn’t seem to be of much value。
Lu Menglin ran towards the Korean defense line at night,And those Zuma monsters are shrinking in the opposite direction,Retreat and advance,The direction between the two is exactly opposite。
It should have been fine,But just when Lu Menglin was about to approach the line of defense,But another very unusual thing happened。
In his vision,Suddenly a human appeared!
And it’s still a woman wearing a plain checkered skirt,Bare feet,Beautiful woman with a dark machete in her hand。
This woman walks through the battlefield like a ghost,Any Zuma monster that gets in the way,Hand up and down,Kill directly。
White dress black blade,Extraordinarily distinct,And the way this woman kills monsters is exceptionally clean and tidy,High efficiency,Even Lu Menglin himself is slightly worse。
At once,I hooked Lu Menglin’s curiosity!
The human race of this plane is good at using high-tech weapons,Mainly electromagnetic gun and light knife,Rarely do it directly with a knife。
And this woman is definitely not a god nation,Because there is no light energy fluctuation in her body,It’s more like the power of blood。
Can kill these Zuma monsters at will with the power of blood,It shows that the strength of this woman is extremely strong,Has reached an incredible level。
Don’t talk about ordinary warriors in the earth world,Even a pill martial artist like Lu Menglin,Seeing God is not bad,Are slightly inferior。
Come and go,On this mysterious woman in white,I already have two abilities stronger than myself,Such an extraordinary person,How could it not arouse Lu Menglin’s curiosity??
then,Lu Menglin tried to be invisible,Sneak close to each other。
He didn’t directly expose himself,But want to get closer,Observe more carefully。
A human race that shouldn’t be here,But it just appeared,And she also possesses energy and blood power that almost surpasses Lu Menglin,There must be some special reason for this。
Don’t know,When Lu Menglin approached this woman within ten feet,She immediately became alert,The black blade in the hand is cut out,A dozen swords in a row are extremely fierce,Break through,Slashed towards Lu Menglin。