“Assistants of our host’s Heaven and Earth Team,Finally started,Although the contestants still did not act,But our lens,We still have to give our assistant some close-ups。”The host finished,The camera cuts to the heaven and earth。

The photographer really wants to give these beauties more close-ups,But what they do is simply too normal,Cook rice,Wash it,This is something everyone can do at home,If the camera stays here,I believe it will be sprayed by many people。
Helpless,The photographer had to shift the lens,When they cut to Xiaowu,Didn’t stay much,Just cut away。
Finally the photographer stopped the lens on the grasshopper,I saw a grasshopper,At this time, the big goose has been blown into the shape of a pig,And he continues。
If you don’t look carefully,I thought a handsome guy,To a dead pig,Do artificial respiration!
“Grasshopper what are you doing,Just blow it up,Now let the air out,Then fried。”Qin Feng is really a headache,If you don’t stop,I believe the grasshopper can keep blowing,Until the big goose is like a balloon,So far。
“Yan Yan,Why is your meal messed up?,Didn’t you release water?,Are you still blowing popcorn?”All right,Su Rou, Qin Yan, don’t wash it anymore。
“Xiaowu, are your shrimp drunk??”All stopped,Don’t do it anymore。
Saying Qin Feng gathered everyone together。
“I already thought about what to do……”After Qin Feng finished speaking, everyone’s eyes lit up,There was a feeling of winning in an instant。
“right now,According to my allocation,start to act。”Qin Feng said with a smile。
“Don’t worry, brother,Guarantee to complete the task。”Before everyone was not sure,Now I have full confidence。
they know,Qin Feng is the lastoss,But in the early stage