In the emergency room,Several doctors and nurses take turns on duty,Care for Xiao Chenchen,This moved Xia Jianhaosheng。Qin Xiaomin didn’t go back until three o’clock in the middle of the night,Had it not been for Xia Jian’s repeated requests,It looks like she will stay up till dawn。

At half past eight,Xiao Chenchen’s inspection results finally came out,High fever caused by enteritis。Fortunately, after several doctors tried their best to rescue,Xiao Chenchen’s fever subsided,The child also opened his eyes at nine o’clock at the door。
Although the child is still a little weak,But he can call grandpa and grandma clearly,The heart that made people hold finally let go。In order to receive follow-up treatment,Xiao Chenchen was transferred from the emergency ward to the general ward。In order to allow children to have a comfortable environment for recuperation,Xia Jian specifically asked for a roomVIPWard。
Isn’t it a matter of money?!He can’t let the child suffer this crime again just because he saves money。VIPThere are accompany beds in the ward,Xiaochen Chenyi wakes up,The first person who couldn’t hold it was Xia Zecheng,After all, he is old。Under Sun Yuejuan’s arrangement,Xia Zecheng went to bed first。
To keep myself from sitting and dozing off,Xia Jian walked out of the ward,He came to the small garden under the hospital,Suck the fresh air to your heart’s content。Just last night,When he saw what Xiao Chenchen looked like,Xia Jian feels that he has a little difficulty even breathing。
“I thought you didn’t feel sorry for the child,It seems you are pretending to be strong”Zhao Hong didn’t know when he was standing behind Xia Jian。
Xia Jian looked back at Zhao Hong who was tired and said:“Now whether he is my son or not,Since he already lives in our house,I have to treat him well,Otherwise I will be uneasy”
“Hey!Qin Xiaomin heard that Chenchen was your son last night,Face suddenly changed,What does this have to do with her?Is it because you are the mayor of Pingyang Town?!”Zhao Hong asked curiously。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:”I do not know,I will never understand your women’s hearts“
“Yo!What you mean is that there seems to be something between you?Don’t take you like this!Ouyang Hong,Qin Xiaomin again,This for me,Is it too unfair“When Zhao Hong said this,Chong Xiajian made a face。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but walked over,Reached out and patted Zhao Hong’s shoulder gently twice.:“Stop thinking,You should go out and get something to eat“
“Also,Why did I forget this,You go upstairs!“Zhao Hong finished,Dumped his big braid,Quickly walk away。
Xia Jian gently pushed Xiao Chenchen awayVIPWard,I saw him reclining on the bed,Dangling with one hand,One hand is making gestures with grandma Sun Yuejuan。
“grandmother!Do you think Dad will buy me steamed buns??Which kind of meat”Xiao Chenchen’s tender voice came over。Xia Jian took back the foot that had stepped out。
It seems that I already have a place in the child’s mind,But what about him?Hardly ever bought anything for the child,Is he unworthy of Chenchen calling his father?
Xia Jian leaned back on the wall of the passage,My eyes are fixed on the nurse who occasionally passes by in the corridor,At this moment, he is in a state of confusion。He is afraid of getting married,Unexpectedly, he gave him a son。Do you say he can accept it?
“What a daze?Bring breakfast in quickly,Just say you bought it。Chenchen is the smartest,You have to coax him。Only then can you get closer”Zhao Hong said,Put the breakfast he bought in his hand。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Come back suddenly,He asked quietly:“Do you have meat buns??”
“Yes!Isn’t this?Chenchen’s favorite food,You quickly send it to him,He should be hungry now”Zhao Hong pointed to the plastic bag,Whispered。