Fang Fangyi listen,Excitedly gave Lang Hu a punch,She smiled and said:“How can you think of,It’s useful to bring this big flower snake back?“

“I have a looksSo many experts from the city are here,Why not bring this snake back for them to see,Unexpectedly, the blind cat ran into a dead mouse,I really hit an idea with this idea”Lang Hu said,A deep look at Chen Xia。
Fang Fang knew,Lang Hu is so desperate against Xia Jian,It’s mostly Lang Hu for Chen Xia’s sake,Otherwise, I knew a friend who was only a few days old,Would never have such a deep relationship。
Although everyone is talking,But I still remember Xia Jian in the rescue room,Fang Fang every half hour,Call Wang Lin,Reporting the situation here。
Suddenly Fang Fang received a text message from Wang Lin“I will board the plane right away,Arrive at nine o’clock in the eveningscity,Hurry up and contact a woman named He Jing,phone13425699875”
Fang Fang took a look at the text message,Can’t help being surprised,First, Wang Lin is coming here in person,The second is to forget about He Jing。
Chen Xia,Take a look at Fang Fang’s look,Asked immediately:“what happened?What happened?”
Fang Fang shook his head helplessly,And sent a text message from Wang Lin to her,Told Chen Xia,Chen Xia,Said to Lang Hu immediately:“You go to the train station,Then a woman named He Jing,This is her mobile number,You remember,After that, take her to President Xia’s room”
Lang Hu heard that Chen Xia arranged work for him,Happy face,I can’t take care of my sweat,So he ran away。
at this time,Which male doctor came out with a smile on his face,She yelled to Chen Xia all the way:“Miss Chen!The wounded awoke”
Fang Fangyi listen,Just rush in,The male doctor stopped her and said:“No entry,Although the wounded is awake,But the various functions of his body,Need further inspection,Moreover,Let him rest quietly,It’s not a bad thing”
Chen Xia heard that Xia Jian was awake,The whole person collapsed on the bench,She has no strength,From last night to now,She didn’t get in a drop of water,She has always respected her,Ever suffered such a serious sin,This time it can be said that both internal and external。
Some friends of Chen Xia,Same happy,They support Chen Xia,Walked towards the infusion room,This woman really needs to make up。
Only Fang Fang is left in the aisle,She felt hungry now,Empty stomach,She has to replenish her energy too,Otherwise Xia Jian hasn’t stood up yet,She might fall。
Around ten o’clock in the evening,Wang Lin has rushed to the hospital,Xia Jian at this time,Has been transferred to the general ward,Out of care。The infusion tube drips yellow liquid little by little,Xia Jian closed his eyes tightly,Seems to be sleeping。Fang Fang sitting in front of the bed,I kept moistening his lips with a cotton swab。
Chen Xia led Wang Lin and gently pushed open the door of the ward,The two were afraid to start Xia Jian who was sleeping。Fang Fang looked back alertly,When she saw Wang Lin,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
“All right,Leave it to me here,You go home and rest!Come back tomorrow morning”Wang Lin said,So he put his bag on the bed。
Fang Fang shook his head and said:“I won’t go back,I am responsible for this”
“All right!Don’t affect Mr. Xia’s rest,As for the responsible,Let’s talk about it after returning to the company!”Wang Lin’s tone is a bit blunt,Like a leader,Fang Fang dare not listen,Had to get up,I went back to the hotel a little bit reluctant。