Li Ji were all taken aback,Looking at Chen Xiu who was madly attacking Liu Fengxing in disbelief,How old is this kid,Even from the mother’s womb, it’s only 20 years,Actually has reached a state they haven’t touched for hundreds of years。

Zhang Laoba looked surprised when he saw everyone,Asked with an unclear face:“What is the state of no move you said?”
Everyone looked at this simple-minded guy with contempt,Fortunately, he is still as famous as himself,Really ashamed of him,“No move”Never heard of。
Zhang Laoba likes to talk straight,Doesn’t mean he is stupid,I also saw the contempt of everyone,Said carelessly:“What do you think of me,I don’t know why。I will ask you,Can Old Liu beat this kid??”
Everyone shook their heads,Xie Zhou said:“Not only old Liu can’t,If all of us here are heads-up, none of this kid’s opponents!”
Zhang Laoba made a loud noise,Holding a hammer and flying towards Chen Xiufei,Shouted loudly in the air:“Not together yet,Watch a play of wool!”
Everyone was taken aback,Come back soon。
Since no one is Chen Xiu’s opponent,It’s better to take advantage of Liu Fengxing’s loss of combat effectiveness and rush to solve this kid。
Right now Li Ji was carrying his two short guns and chasing Chen Xiu in the back。
“Old Xie,We too!”
Chai Rong’s sword was given to Liu Fengxing,A palm broke a small tree next to it,Remove branches and leaves and use it as a spear,Also join the war。
“Lao Chai,We are the masters of the Five Seven Stages of Consummation,Five people besieged an eighth-stage hairy boy,If the rumors go out,Where to put our old face!”Xie Zhou is still somewhat ashamed of the other four。
“Old Xie,When do you still want this!”
Chai Rong is a long stick shaken,Said with a mockery:“If this kid dies,Who knows that we are deceiving less!”
Added:“Nei Dan is still on this kid,Don’t you want it anymore?”
Although the inner alchemy of Tier 3 fierce beasts is not as good as Qianye Guo,But it also contains the perception of the laws of heaven and earth,It’s a shortcut to break through the seventh stage realm and enter the ranks of second-rate masters。