The key to longevity is temperance

The key to longevity is temperance

The key to healthy longevity is that benevolent sees benevolence and wise sees wisdom.

Why do some people live a hundred years old, and some people are sick and sick at a young age?

In the classic Chinese medicine classic “Nei Jing”, the Yellow Emperor also asked Yu Bo: “The ancients, the Spring and Autumn are all 100 years old, and the action is not bad.

The people of this time, the half-year-old and the actions are all weak, the times are different, the people will lose the yeah?

“Yu Bo replied: “The ancients, their knowers, the law of yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, daily life, and work, so can shape and God, and end up in their days,Going a hundred years old.

People of this time are not the same, taking wine as a pulp, taking sputum as a common, drunk to enter the house, in order to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true.

I don’t know how to hold it, I don’t know the god.

Keeping your heart fast, against the joy of life, living without a section, so half a hundred and decline.

“Although it is a classical Chinese language, everyone can understand it.”

The key to longevity is temperance.

  The temperance official wants to cultivate the virtues of “the three provinces and my body”, self-respect, self-examination, self-policing, self-motivation, and always maintain a vigorous and vigorous atmosphere, and control the desire.

In the big direction, it is responsible to the party and the people. From a small perspective, it is responsible to the individual and to the family, the wife and children.

The heart is unselfish and wide, and naturally it will not care about the level of official positions.

Digging up and thinking about climbing up, thinking too much, five internal organs, less blood, decreased physical fitness, not worth the candle.

  Control the financial desire of the gentleman to love the wealth, take it.

Modern people must work hard, study hard, create good results, and get the corresponding rewards.

I want to get rich overnight, and I lose money in the sky. I don’t take risks. I try to practice the law. It is a trap that surrounds others and becomes a victim of the Mark Six, underground pyramid schemes, and accumulation.

Once the incident occurs, not only the property is lost, but the spirit and the body will also be extremely hard.

  Temperament and lust, although the feelings of men and women are the desire of human beings, but excessive indulgence is extremely harmful.

In particular, the package of mistresses, sputum and the like is more incompatible with social laws and ethics, and is also susceptible to various sexually transmitted diseases.

Traditional medicine believes that excessive sex between men and women can lead to kidney deficiency and insufficient blood, resulting in short-lived.

Although a little alarmist, there is some truth.

  Moderate wine desires a small amount of wine has the function of promoting blood circulation, and drinking alcohol regularly is extremely harmful.

Excessive drinking excessive excessive central nervous system produces a pre-inhibition effect, severe poisoning causes breathing, heartbeat inhibition and death.

Excessive drinking over a long period of time can lead to chronic alcoholism, which is an irreversible hazard to the liver and brain, and is unfavorable for longevity.

  The temperament of life is in motion.

Exercise can increase cardiopulmonary function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is the most effective way to control your weight.

Exercise is good for improving the body shape and giving people a healthy feeling.

Exercise also helps to eliminate mental stress and stress and reduce exacerbations.

Should try to avoid car travel, more exercise, get happiness and longevity in sports.

  When you are young and playful, it’s okay to play all night.

Middle-aged and elderly people should stop such serious physical damage.

Just playing mahjong, there is nothing to play for an hour or two. If you don’t move for a long time, you won’t be convinced, you won’t win, you want to win, and it’s not wise to take the body as the money.