“Be right,The teacher is not dead.,Then there is a small and two places.,They have not come back for more than 20 years.,Naturally retreated!”Chu Deirers have very proud to say their own reasoning.。

“Oh?That Lu Zhuang is now re-covered?”Li Mozhen is half a saying that I will ask a sentence.。
But the radix is some regret,In case he doesn’t know that he is a joke.,I really thought I want to be with him.……
“kindness?Why do you mention the land??”Chu Deirers asked,Also added:“I have already moved away.!”
Li Mozhen:……
I always feel that Chu is so mistaken, it will be very subtle direction.。
“I have nothing to do recently.,Heaven before the hero meeting!”Chu Deirers a pair of August 26 this year,Don’t you want to go?。
And Li Mozhen just slammed。
The Chu Deiren also took Li Mozhen,Going from the bottom of the crane,Sure enough, Lin Chao Ying and Wang Zhongyang are also,The brother of Wang is still sorry.。
Lin Chao Ying also said:“Yi Qing,Yes, you are joke.,Divided into the martial arts,Come and make your own.!”
“Yes Yes Yes,You are the most powerful。”Wang Zhongyang said and brought some pet.。
Chu Deirers and Li Mozhen did not work……
Be right,As a mature and comprehensive rivers and lakes,Chu Deiren just became the spacious situation of the coffin,Long story、Let the following hear。
Otherwise, what if they are cultivating?
After finding two people in gredy,Chu Dee people I still want to find a small dragon girl.,By the way, how long can I come back?,But just at this time,Just listen to gold“Whisper”scream!
This name is very urgent,One is an urgent matter,Chu Deirers quickly launched a light job,Shutong hair towards the cold jade bed。
Just close,Chu Deirers were noticeable——temperature,Too much!
When the door is rushed to the door,I am afraid that there is already zero three or 40 degrees.,The indoor can make ordinary people with a few more than a few tricks.。
at the same time,I saw that the little dragon girl fell to the ground.,Golden, expanded to the height of only a slightly ordinary person,Still very strong,A hand grabbed small red,Put the hair with a small dragon girl——Yun Luo will be familiar with this posture.……
Chu Deirers also helped handles,Take the house,Just feel that she is cold,Obviously the cold body,Even busy——Chu Deirers are not afraid of this low temperature,Can Xiaolong women are not big!
Quick to a safe place,Live treatment……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 873 Chill
Ancient tombs,With the Chu Deirers,Chu Deirers and Dragon Dragon in front of,The golden light on the body is extinguished——Oh,There is a small red next to it.。
“How about it?”Li Mozhen quickly asked。
“The frostbite of the body and meridians has been alleviated,but……Do not know why,Real gas is still stagnant。”Chu Deirers a burst of eyebrows。
At this time, the little dragon girl is nothing.,Just true, but stagnation,Blocking in all parts of the meridians,Temporary is not to endanger life,But continue,Not only martial arts,And will soon!
Lin Chao Ying also busy,Dragon female diagnosis——On-the-efficacy,Their husband and wife are added together,It is better than you don’t sleep.,But I am so widely wide.、And understand medical skills。
However, Lin Chao Ying’s expression is also a dignified,No opening,Obviously the situation is somewhat not。
Xiaohong, I stood up at this time.——Its freighter is also stagnated,But it is gradually resolved.,Obviously people and birds are different!