My boyfriend broke up with her for months,Because my boyfriend said,No other moves can be unlocked on Meng Jiao’s body。

The other party is still young,So he hopes to go around,To find people who can push each other’s limits。
obviously,Meng Jiao is not like this。
“Men don’t have a good thing,All big trotter。”
Meng Jiao is secretly thinking about it here,Then I saw a man walking towards this side。
This man is Wang Teng,Looks very handsome,A well-cut suit,It makes him different。
But don’t know why,The more Meng Jiao looks at it, the more disgusting it becomes。
Because of this man,Actually more handsome than Meng Jiao’s ex-boyfriend。
and so,Meng Jiao thinks more,Wang Teng is not a good person anymore。
Meng Jiao called out suddenly,This makes Wang Teng feel a little curious。
what happened,what is happening?
And it looks,This seems to be calling myself?
“what happened,You are talking to me?”
Wang Teng turned,Looked at Meng Jiao,Talking slightly curiously。
With Wang Teng’s words finished,Meng Jiao is even more angry。
She is more and more convinced,Wang Teng is not a good person。
“What are you doing here?”