But this hurt Dayan,Go out if you can’t go back,His phantom cannot stay in the void for long,Although he knows that Li Tianzhen is a chaotic body,But I never thought that God Zang would be so powerful after being recreated,Completely reshaped a vast and boundless sea of stars,And this void space is also full of violent storms and even space debris,Terrible,If it weren’t for the light blue sphere not far away in his eyes,Dayan even suspected that he was thrown into the real cosmic void。

And Li Tianzhen is still in pain and struggle,The tissues in the body continue to decay、erosion、Die,But soon there will be a new organization、Flesh and Blood,The body is constantly changing,But won’t die,This is the extremely terrifying characteristic of Chaos Body,Unless it is an unimaginable powerful kill,Completely cut off his vitality in an instant,Otherwise it is the immortal body,Don’t say Dayan doesn’t know,Li Tianzhen doesn’t know it himself,Even the bloodwalker who lived for an unknown number of years can’t tell,Because there has never been a true god of chaos,Never heard of it。
Bloodwalker lost his true body,Only a group of spirits was saved by the river of blood,He is hiding in the depths of the shadow of the blood river,Watching the amazing changes in Li Tianzhen’s body in amazement,He suddenly realized that he was acting too aggressively,Or just not so tough,Don’t push this kid too hard,Maybe it’s possible to talk more,But now there will never be any hope。
Then,What are these useless guys waiting for?The old man looked at his companion at the center altar,Issue a killing order to all blood races,Kill Li Xiucheng,Kill this chaotic body that is rumored to be impossible to kill!
Roar of the river of blood,Any timidity is not the emotion and quality that a blood race should have,So the stunned blood race rushed forward desperately,But soon several supernatural powers screamed and flew out,But more kinsmen are missing,Suddenly there was a huge phantom head beside Li Tianzhen,Hideous and terrifying,Mouth slightly open,Blazing flames,Not only that,His nostrils、ear、The eyes are spitting out flames,Is obviously very angry。
There is a faint white shadow beside this head,Appears quite thin and weak,Shadow’s hand is holding a thick short rod,Some blood witnessed this stick flashing just now,A companion。
“Dayan,I thought you had a braid。”In the shadow of the blood river,The bloodwalker was frightened and angry,Dayan is not a concern,But the head below is a rare master,How could Li Xiucheng hide so many monsters in his body??
“I can’t die if you die。”Dayan look around,Consciously leaned against Sun Tiangang’s head。
“Since you can’t die,Why bother to come to this muddy water?”
“I healed inside him,If you don’t want to kill him,Why did I run out?”
Bloodwalker Silence,It’s hard to decide,There are Dayan and weird heads,It’s quite difficult to kill Li Xiucheng at this time,The rumbling from not far away indicated,The Holy Blood Array is emerging from the ground step by step,Have been out for a little and a half,Although the protective cover is seriously damaged,But in the case of the twelve elites offering sacrifices,Maybe sacrifice two or three more elders,Great formation will be fully present,Until then,Kindred is not afraid of any powerful enemies in the world,Just don’t know how long it will take。
Sun Tiangang has no scruples,Very irritable at the moment,I didn’t plan to leave the magic tower again,But Li Xiucheng is about to play with himself again,Since I can’t just watch,He has to vent,The clouds above his head and the talking old monsters make him extremely annoying,Suddenly rushed into the shadow of the blood river calmly,A mouth sprayed a blast of burning fire towards the bloodwalker hidden in the shadows。
Chapter one thousand and seven Shanhe Ding
Second lunatic!Bloodwalker never expected,This evil head actually dared to attack the Blood River Projection,Li Tianzhen is the first madman,He is the second,When the terrifying flame rushed over,The bloodwalker dived deeper into the blood river without even thinking about it,His spirit hardly has any defense ability,Even with the shelter of the blood river, I dare not face it directly。
The river of blood began to tremble and furious again,Today it has been furious three times in a row,I can’t tolerate any blasphemous actions by the tiny life,Besides, I met three lifeless things in one breath,Countless turbulences gather,Form a huge vortex,Whistling towards Sun Tiangang,There is a tendency to swallow him。
If it is a real river of blood,Sun Tiangang naturally wants to avoid his edge,But a projection can also have such a big temper,He really wants to be tough。
Sun Tiangang’s head suddenly grew ten times bigger,A big mouth full of black fangs,The overwhelming flames gushing away against the whirlpool,Two torrents of completely different attributes collide together,So big but no sound,Violent shaking between heaven and earth,Change the colors of the mountains and wasteland,Some fragile mountains in the middle section of the buried hill began to collapse,A blood-colored barrier hundreds of feet high suddenly rises in the sky,The blood mist produced by the river of blood burned by flames filled several kilometers away。
This lasted for about three breaths,Blood River began to go crazy,No wind makes a huge wave,A wave is like a mountain,Layers of waves are coming,Sun Tiangang eyes wide open,Secretly scared,Worthy of being the legendary river of blood,Just a projection is so scary。
I underestimated the enemy just now,The fire of the soul is difficult to suppress the opponent,But Sun Tiangang is naturally brave and cruel,Except for Li Xiucheng,Never convinced any gods,He polished his mind in the town magic tower for thousands of years without smoothing his edges and corners,The more bloody the river is, the more it will arouse his bloodiness,Sun Tiangang suddenly yelled up to the sky,Spit out something from the big mouth,Shaped like a square ding,This thing is simple and unpretentious,Dark,But there is a swallowing river、Power of the Heaven and Earth,Suddenly rise against the storm,Rush towards the blood wave。
“Shanhe Ding!”The bloodwalker hiding in the depths of the blood river yelled,As a long-standing old monster,He knows the origin of this thing well,Yell at yourself stupidly,Now that I know that Li Xiucheng has adventures as a new generation of God of War,I should think of who this evil big head is,Sun Tiangang!The spirit of the top grade artifact,The only weird thing that can cultivate into the golden fairy realm!Then I turned to Li Xiucheng。