Shenzhen entrepreneurial incubation base reaches 50

  Xinhua News Agency, April 24th (Reporter Zhouke) reporter learned from the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on the 24th that the first batch of 34 have been identified since the introduction of "Shenzhen Entrepreneurial Incubation Base Management" in May 2017 City-level entrepreneurial incubation base. Plus the original 16, the current number of Shenzhen-level entrepreneurial incubation bases reached 50. Among them, there were 7 incubation base hosted by colleges and 43 incubation base hosted by the enterprise. Enterprises entering the base mainly involves electromechanical, electronic, computer, logistics, international trade, e-commerce, cultural and creative and other fields.

  Zhang Hong, director of the Shenzhen Public Employment Service Center, said that in recent years, Shenzhen has introduced a series of entrepreneurial support policies, covering loans, entrepreneurial subsidies, entrepreneurial tutors.

Entrepreneurs can apply for a personal guarantee loan up to 3 million yuan, with a total of 3 million yuan of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, and entrepreneurs receive a full 3 years of full loans.

Entrepreneurs can also apply for all kinds of entrepreneurial subsidies, including entrepreneurial security subsidies, start-up enterprises subsidies, entrepreneurial rent subsidies and entrepreneurship.