Baishan City National Health Information Platform Test

  Recently, the National Health Information Platform of Baishan City, Jilin Province, provides "Internet + Medical Health" Convenient Huimin Service for the 950,000 people in the city. The health information platform will become the basic hub of all kinds of medical and health institutions at all levels in Bai Mountain, and the basic hubs of various medical and health institutions. In order to deepen the reform of medical and health system, optimize medical and health resources allocation, innovate health services, improve people’s medical treatment lay the foundation. In recent years, Baishan City has focused on building "Healthy Bai Mountain", deepening the reform of medical and health system, perfecting basic medical and health system, basic medical security system, and quality and efficient medical service system.

In the development of "Internet + Medical Health" development, Bai Mountain City adapts to digital healthy development trends, and it can be fair, and the masses benefit as the starting point and foothold, accelerate health information layout, and build a health and health information basis. Bai Shan City National Health Information Platform is the "healthy brain" of the city, which is loaded with large amounts of data including medical services, health files, disease management, health checkup, maternal and child health care, forming the city platform as a hub, electronic health file and electronic medical record as the core. Basic architecture of integrated applications such as public health, medical services, business management. With the continuous improvement of the application level of Bai Mountain’s national health information platform, local people can view inspection reports, query or print electronic medical records, health profiles directly on their mobile phones.

Bai Mountain City National Health Information Platform stores all kinds of health information of the city. After authorization, the hospitals with this platform can check the patient in the medical workstation in the city, the province’s different hospitals, so that the doctor is accurate Diagnosis, symptomatic treatment.

  Recently, Bai Mountain City National Health Information Platform will focus on the docking Unicom of the city’s second-level and above public health care institutions, and give full play to the value of health and health, and constantly enhance the masses to gain feelings and happiness. (Zhao Dandan) Editor: Huang Wei.