Changning this high-end fashion brand released new series, amazing full!

The series is the third part of the GRACECHEN brand 2021 Chinese culture year "Qin Chess", Chinese style ", designer Chen Yei will refine the emotional, spirit and aestheticity of Chinese calligraphy into the inner structure of fashion, with the word" shape "clothing "type". The series of costumes have both the high-level feeling of T station, and it is also in line with the daily sense of commuter scenes, balances the implementation of advanced fashion.

Chen Ye said that he has had a great impact on his aesthetic and design style from childhood practice calligraphy, and has always been ambiguous and affairing calligraphy for many years.

During the creation of the "book" series, Chen Ye has overthrew his thoughts many times, hoping to fully show calligraphy and aesthetics, so that more people can feel the people in Chinese calligraphy and the spiritual temperament of Chinese people. Behind a high-grade fashion of finished products, requires a professional team’s excellence. Through the exploration and exploration of nearly ten years, the Gracechen team has a deep experience in reflecting "book" aesthetics. The "book" series combines brand iconic elements such as weaving, tassels, which can reflect the atmospheric and intention of calligraphy.

What is worth paying attention is that the team also used a new process "handmade lace weaving", and the conspiciency of the handmade is also fitted with the brand to see the "Eastern Aesthetic High Quality Lifestyle".