“Wumu mudra!”

“Withered Finger!”
Four powerful martial arts appeared on the head of the rock man at the same time,The huge explosion sounded directly through the cave,You can hear the sound even outside the cave。
Patriarch Yun and the others glanced at each other,Fast to the phenomenon of making sounds。
Inside the cave,The scenery at the moment is more ruined,As the rock man crashed to the ground after a loud noise,This battle is over。
Obedient,Those warriors who hide far away can’t help but swallow,That strange stone man is terrible,And those martial artists above Rank 5 are more powerful。
It changed the situation of the battle with just a gesture。
From their weakness to victory in battle,The whole process seems to be only half the time,I’m afraid I don’t just fart at this time,What can’t beans do。
“Everybody,Worked hard!”Canaan Luo clasped his fists in both hands,To other people。
This looks like polite,As if the host invited them to help,Little tricks,Everyone disdain to refute。
“Jia Pai,We have been delayed a lot。”
“Good good,Let everyone return,We keep going。”
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five Twists and turns