“who are you?”

open the door,A small,Ordinary-looking women,Appeared in front of Qin Feng and Lin Youwei,Asked。
“This……”Qin Feng has a feeling of ruining the Three Views。
This obviously looks like a woman,How to speak,Became a vicious woman?
If not seeing,Really don’t believe it,There is such a superb aunt。
See you a long time,See you a long time。
“Hello,Excuse me, Wang Ruhua,Ms. Wang??”Lin Youwei is not surprised,Speak directly。
“Yep,Yes,what happened?”
Because Lin Youwei came out in casual clothes,So I don’t know Lin Youwei’s share。
“I am a law enforcement officer。”Lin Youwei will directly take out the law enforcement officer ID from his pocket:“We are here to ask about one thing,Last time your husband,Liu.Xiaowei suspected of kidnapping,We are here to investigate。”
“I……”Wang Ruhua’s rough voice suddenly resembles a frosted eggplant,Weak and silent。“I don’t know anything!”
“We are already investigating this,Know you are not involved in this,But come today,But something came to see you。”Lin Youwei continued,Official business,No sense,Average color。
But Qin Feng on one side nodded,Heart:“Yep,This is like the sound this body should make……”
“what,what’s up?”