Eaten,Cui Ronghao has something to return to the company,Ji Yunfeng involuntarily took Yushi to the nearest shopping mall。

In the words of Ji Yunfeng,She has been busy with work recently,Already neglected to dress up,This is a taboo for young women。
Arrived at the mall,Ji Yunfeng dragged her into a well-known women’s clothing store。When I see the poetry,The shopping guide lady approached her and asked her needs。Yushi helpless,I have to say I want to buy a skirt。
“beauty,Your skin is so white,Hot body,I suggest you try our brand’s main push this season。”The shopping guide lady is a foreigner,But Chinese is very good,She took a black tube top dress,Walk next to Yushi。
Yushi curled his lips before looking at the skirt,What hot?How can you describe her as hot?She should be called dignified like this、Elegant?
Pushed sunglasses,She looked at the dress with great dissatisfaction,This fabric is too simple,She doesn’t wear this kind of strapless skirt。The most important reason is,She doesn’t want to buy clothes at all。
She secretly looked at Ji Yunfeng, who was sitting on the sofa with her legs folded and looking at her phone,Today he is determined to take her shopping,What do you want?Let her buy?
She is not like the defeated women in society,Spend man’s money,Enjoy the feeling of vanity。Not to mention that she is a local tyrant,Don’t need to spend man’s money。
“beauty,Want to try?Really suits you!”,The shopping guide enthusiastically recommended her again。
At this moment,As if the man who didn’t pay attention to her suddenly put away his phone,Unscrew the mineral water bottle next to me,Took a sip of water,Seemingly casual:“quite pretty,You can try!If you mind showing too much,Can be worn on dates!”
His handsome eyes bend,Wicked smile,This is obviously purposeful。
Yushi coldly hummed in my heart:“Do you wear it on a date with you?”
Ji Yunfeng drank again,Apple rolling,Squint her,Like responding:so smart!
She insisted that she didn’t try on that dress,But Ji Yunfeng insisted on paying the money and bought it。
Out of the shop,The two are like an awkward little couple,The poetry and poems stand up high and walk forward,Ji Yunfeng followed her with shopping bags in a handsome manner。
The two passed by many stores one after another,Every time I go to a store,Ji Yunfeng will remind her if she wants to go in for a stroll。