Raising knowledge, eating grapes, not spitting grape seeds

Raising knowledge, eating grapes, not spitting grape seeds

The summer has arrived, and the grapes have begun to go down the market. It can be said that it is time to eat grapes.

The grapes are sweet, juicy, nutritious and have a lot of health and wellness benefits, so this season does not hinder the frequent eating of grapes.

When it comes to eating grapes, I believe that most people will have the habit of spitting seeds, but do you know?

The whole body of the grape is a treasure, and even the grape seed has a higher health and cure effect.

Let’s go up with some of the knowledge.

  First, the grape of different colors has different effects. One grape is different from the whole body, and it has a high health effect. According to the article “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, the grape owner “wet bones, qi, timesStrong and strong, amazing fat, hunger, and cold.

Long-term food, light and not old.

“Chinese medicine believes that the grape is sweet and slightly acidic, with a flat stomach. It has the functions of nourishing the liver and kidney, benefiting qi and blood, appetizing power, producing fluid and urinating.”

  When we go to the market to buy grapes, we can always find a lot of different colors of grapes, such as white, green, purple, red, black, etc. What are the differences between these different colors of grapes?

  1, white grapes: with lungs, lungs, it is suitable for cough, people suffering from respiratory diseases.

  2, green grapes: biased towards heat and detoxification.

  3, purple grapes: may be anthocyanins, can be beauty anti-aging.

  4, red grapes: containing reverse enzymes, can soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation, prevent thrombosis, cardiovascular patients do not hinder eating.

The reverse enzyme is most abundant in the red grape skin, and it is best to eat it together with the skin.

  5, black grapes: it nourishes the yin and nourishes the kidneys, making the hair darker.

  Second, how should grapes be eaten?

  The advice given to everyone here is “eat and chew!”


In other words, in addition to “eat grapes do not spit grape skin”, from the nutritional point of view, it should also be “to eat grapes do not spit grape seeds.”

Grape skins and grape seeds gather most of the nutrients in the grapes, and it is best to eat them whole when eating grapes.

If you feel that the taste is not very good, you can squeeze the grapes into the grape juice with the belt seeds.

  But to remind you that the grapes are cold, and people with stomach cold should not eat too much at a time.

Although the grape is a good health care product, it is cold and cold. Therefore, when the spleen and stomach are not harmonious, it should not be eaten when it is diarrhea.

  Third, eat grapes for you do not spit grape seeds?

  Although there is no record of grape seed in ancient Chinese medicine, grape seed has valuable benefits and effects in modern medicine.

  1, grape seed can regulate the skin dryness caused by endocrine disorders, reduce melanin, whitening skin, 祛 yellow chloasma; 2, grape seed can resist oxidation, fade spots; 3, grape seed can stimulate cell division and tissue regeneration, activate the surface layerCells, reduce wrinkles, delay aging; 4, grape seed can fight prostate cancer, anti-liver tumor, can also fight the damage of the nervous system; 5, grape seed can inhibit and eliminate free radicals in the body, play an anti-cancer and anti-allergic effect.
  Fourth, how should grape seeds be eaten?

  Looking at the grape seed has so many benefits, is it regret that I have been eating grapes and spit seeds for so many years.

Since grape seed is so good, it can’t be swallowed directly. If you are not afraid of affecting the taste, you can “eat and chew” the whole grape.

If you have a taste, you can choose the following methods.

  1, juicing: the simplest and most rude way is to juice the whole grape juice.

  2, crushing: you can also choose to wash the grape seeds and dry.

Then use a small hammer to chop and pick the grape seed shell.

  3, milling: Some people choose to grind grape seeds into powder and then rinse with water.

Such an edible method is advantageous for absorption.

  4, oil: If you are a local tyrant, holding a large bucket of grape seeds, it is a good choice to squeeze grape seed oil.