Get along with people like Zheng Yu,I feel a lot less reckless。

“I haven’t thanked you personally for the silver azurites,Brother Zheng actually came first,I’m ashamed。”Zhu Minglang said。
Wutu mining should not take long,Zheng Yu sent so many silver green mines,It can be seen that a lot of energy has been spent in this area,Zhu Minglang is very grateful,Or that silver dragon armor,Maybe he and Da Hei Fang will suffer accidents。
“where,This is the rebate gift。I just finished mourning Master Ke Bei,But I don’t know where Master Duan Lan is,I want to thank and apologize in person……”Zheng Yu said。
Zhu Minglang thought Zheng Yu was just talking casually,I didn’t expect him to travel all the way to Zulong City State,Just to mourn Ke Bei。
Look at Zheng Yu carefully,I found out that Zheng Yu was indeed in the dust,There was a bit of tiredness on his face。
“Come to my room first。”Zhu Minglang introduced Zheng Yu to his house。
I poured a cup of hot tea for Zheng Yu,Zheng Yu’s lips are chapped。
He is really a weak scholar,Obviously you can sit and wait in the courtyard,But kept standing at the door。
“Teacher Duan Lan has been taken back to recuperation by her tribe,I also visited,But his people said she needs to rest,Unsuitable,I have not been able to meet。”Zhu Minglang said to Zheng Yu。
“I got some silver,Bought some ganoderma,I hope I can do my best。”Zheng Yu said。
“I brought it to teacher Xiaoli in the nursing home,She should be able to deliver it for you。”Zhu Minglang said。
Xiaoli seems to be familiar with Duan Lan,And as a woman,She will also see Duan Lan more easily than the two big men。