Everyone looked at him,Gong Daoming said proudly:“I know the gambler’s strategy。”

“He is studying movies《God of Gamblers》Fat brother centimeter’s classic bridge,Deliberately not follow,Kill Lin Han’s patience。”
“Wait until Lin Han gets angry and can’t control his emotions,Will be a stud。”
“One battle determines the universe!”
Everyone was said by him,Lin Han, who was looking at the top of the gaming table, was really blushed by He Rongsheng’s dozens of non-talking,Seems to be eating people,I’m afraid it’s on the verge of explosion。
“Not with。”
He Rongsheng folds again。
Lin Han bit the press“Creak”Make noise,Fist with both hands,Lift it high and knock it down,The fist stays in the air and suddenly stops。
Lin Han suddenly burst into laughter,Pointing at He Rongsheng and said:“Buck teeth,You yin,I almost fell on you again!”
“You angered me on purpose, right!”
“But I tell you,I can see through your heart,Yours doesn’t work for me!”
He Rongsheng smiled,Noncommittal:“is it?”
“Wait and see,Dealing by the dealer。”
Chen Xiu, who watched the battle, looked at Gong Daoming.。