“Good savvy,unfortunately!”

“and many more,You just said a black light?”Still the elder of Yi Shui Hall,When repeating this sentence,His long eyebrows drooping like cotton swabs straightened out。
One thousand one hundred and twenty-eight chapters Possible good fortune
“It is indeed a black light。”Qingtong look at Liyun,Looking at my torch again,I don’t know why the elder of Yi Shui Hall is so excited。
“Tell me the shape of the black light,From where?Possessing the boy or wrapping the boy’s body?”Actually, it’s not just Elder Yi Shuidian who is excited,The other two old men also shine,The elders of the Holy Fire Temple know the conditions and opportunities for the formation of fire spirits,So I asked in more detail。
Qingtong is a little nervous,The performance of several old men puts too much pressure on him,So scratching my head hard to remember,The situation was critical,He just saves,I didn’t care too much about where the black light came from,I just feel a black flash in the corner of my eyes,And disappeared with the body of the boy,But there is one detail although it is fuzzy,But very important,The boy’s body doesn’t seem to be gasified,But like an ordinary person jumping into the water,As the black light converges in the black lava,Did not splash any ripples。
“It should be!”The elders of the Holy Fire Hall were a little excited,Almost the details described by Qingtong can be used to determine the existence of the dark fire spirit,And it should be possessed by the boy Acheng,Acheng is still alive,And got a chance,This is a great event。
Everyone is very happy,Today’s things can be described as ups and downs,But overall it is a blessing in misfortune,If it really resembles the elder of the Holy Fire Hall,Ah Cheng is possessed by the dark fire spirit,And won the favor of the Hall of Five Elements,Such opportunities even surpassed Lihuo with the golden key,If you get the guidance of Huo Tianzun in the future,Add your own efforts,Promoting to Tianzun is also promising in the future。
“But where did Acheng go??”A word from Li Yun pulled everyone back to reality from the excitement,The big fart in the cave has been rummaged,Where is the trace of this son?
“It may also be after being possessed by the fire spirit,Not very comfortable,Hide below?”The elder of the Giant Wooden Temple pointed his finger at the lava funnel below the Black Fire Cliff,Very weird expression。
“I can’t say that I’m not too comfortable,There should be a quenching process,awareness、Spiritual consciousness also needs to gradually merge,As for the following?……”The elders of the Holy Fire Hall are hard to be sure,The environment of the black lava below is terrible,Even a powerful supernatural being is unbearable,But if I say that this child ran outside the Black Fire Cliff,Everyone can’t feel it,And the barriers away from the fire have not been destroyed,The only explanation is that the boy has drilled into the mountain along the crack in the cave again,But how is it possible?The body can be quenched to this magical state?
Everyone has guessed for a long time, but it is difficult to conclude,But as long as the boy Acheng is alive,The next problem facing the island will be very tough,There are many important things waiting to be done,Liyun still left Qingtong and others guarding near the Black Fire Cliff,I escorted Lihuo to leave with the law enforcement elders。
The Five Elements Island is currently under unprecedented pressure,Soon, like a contagion, everyone’s mood just a little better became low again,Huo Tianzun hasn’t heard anything for two days,Li Huo killed the people in Donghua Palace today,I can’t keep it for long,There will be a day of piercing,How to deal with the Five Elements Palace?Must have a powerful coping strategy,Otherwise。
There is no news from Uncle Qiu,He was out of the island on the same day as Huo Tianzun,The main task is to contact the forces that had good relations with the Five Elements Palace in the past,Even if you can’t win a few friends,I can’t turn my former friends into enemies,Become a weapon for the imperial court to kill。
The current situation in the free world,Mountain rain is coming,Maybe Dongfang Hongliu was killed and the whole conflict broke out.***,But at this critical time,The two most powerful people on the island are not there,Li Yun and the elders are uneasy,Also undecided。
“Now that all the big formations have been opened,It’s just mud wipe the crotch,It’s not shit, it’s shit,The old man believes that mobilizing all forces on the island,Everyone who is capable has the responsibility to guard the island,Do not move,Move to death!”
“That is unnecessary,The first to claim that Tianzun’s direct disciple is missing,Can borrow the letter as a name,Both looking for Tianzun,It can also explain why the island protection formation was launched,As for the people in Donghua Palace,I have been on the island,But after leaving, it has nothing to do with our Five Elements Island,Legs on their feet,Who knows where?”
“You are a rascal,You are so foolish as Mingyang Palace,The surname Luo had already seen the clue when he left,Between us and Hong Liu,Splash a spark and explode,Who has no idea?”