“Wife is coming to the phone.,Wife is coming to the phone.” Hear this voice ringtone,Chen Chaoyang a burst of embarrassment。

And the young woman who was smashed by him was also a face of a face.,Then there is some angry stepping on high heels,Put the little skirt that has been held in the waist of Chen Chaoyang.,Torp the slim waist and hunted。
See the back of the other,I think I just worse.,Chen Chaoyang does not help but angry。
“Hey,Wife,What’s matter?”
“husband,I talked about a big list today.,Is there any reward to me??”
Willow sweet,Sitting directly on the desk while slowing up,Short skirt,Black silk is present in front of Li Hui in front of a different seductive posture.。
Li Hui Feng also hurriedly,It’s too embarrassing.。
“Hey-hey,How to reward you tonight??
Tell me a big list.?”
I heard the words of Chen Chaoyang,Willow sweet face is also a shame,Especially next to it, there are outside people to hear,She actually had a feeling of being found.,Some stimulating also have some feelings。
“screw you,Say it is correct with you?。”
“Hey-hey,That line,I am also very serious.,Is it a wife, you think more??
We haven’t seen it in a week.,My hot heart,Bumper,Wife you know。”
At this time, Chen Chaoyang was completely dry and hot.,The phone that received his wife is natural, there is a strong idea.。
“alright, alright,do not talk,I have customers here.,I ask you,People want to install more than 100 broadbands at once,How much can you give a discount??”
When I heard more than 100 households,Chen Chaoyang is also a little can’t believe。
“You haven’t joked this?”
Chapter 4330 Price
I heard Chen Chaoyang’s surprised tone,Willow sweet is straightforward。
“Do you feel that I can lie to you??
Your wife is amazing.?”
“Hey-hey,sharp,Where is it is powerful?,It’s just invincible.,If you really have a lot of households,And it is still a one-time all of the installation.,I can apply directly to one hundred fees for one month.,A family of people will be a thousand two years,You ask this price satisfaction?”
I haven’t waited for Li Hui to speak.,Willow sweets have already opened。
“husband,People are coming back to start a business,You can give a discount as much as possible.,One thousand two games are more。”
Willow sweet and husband,Li Hui also listened to a clear,He didn’t expect the appearance to dress up so sexy and even, you can say some sultry will will willow sweet.。
There are a lot of views of Liu Xian ‘s.。
“First year,First year accounting fee,Installation fee,These are all reported,And the money of the wire is also more expensive.,How about this,One thousand dollars 100 megaphone brings him installed,From the second year,Each household is eight hundred,How about it?
This is the biggest discount among my rights.,If you still want to be low,Then your husband, I have no way.。”
I heard my husband,Liu Xu is also known that his husband is really giving the biggest discount.。
After all, she married Chen Chaoyang is not a day and two days.,What kind of person is Chen Chaoyang, she is still clear.。
“Row,Then I will talk to him for a while.,You said that I will talk to you such a big performance.,Do you have to report it??
Tell me back to the county,That’s, you can become a pair.,Can you save a lot of money?。”
Chen Chaoyang listened to this,The mind of the Na, who just went out,It’s hard to give Liu Xujian,He doesn’t want to come back。
And the two are far away,Willow sweets have many times, they live directly in Liu Tian Town.,As long as the willow sweet is not coming back,Then there is his development space everywhere.。
In the evening, you can take the hotel next to each other.,Even the small woods in the park can seek stimulus。