Building a "all way" to promote common development with high quality

Original title: Taking high quality to build a "all road" to promote the joint development of Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the third "one belt all way" construction symposium, through the construction of "all the way", improved the opening level of China, Expanding the field opening area, promoting the opening up of the system, built a wide range of friends, explored the new way to promote common development, and achieved the same country’s mutual benefit.

This important discussion is that the reasons why it has been in the past eight years, and the reasons for the heavy achievements have been made, and the "one belt all the way" is built in the era of post-epidemic. At present, the century-old paragraph and the century epidemic situation, the regional conflict is constant, and the international landscape is reshaped. The intense competition from the new round of scientific revolution and industrial revolution has never been unprecedented by global problems such as climate change, and epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, some countries have insisted that the cold war thinking, politicize the epidemic, and form "political small circles", trying to engage in impact, split "peace and development" camp, disturb the normal development order of some countries and regions, serious interference The pace of country resumed economic development. Among the heavy challenges, there is still an opportunity.

Overall, the theme of the times of peace and development has not changed, and the economic globalization has not changed, and the development strategy of the international pattern is beneficial to me, and it is still facing important opportunities to build a "all the way".

  In the past eight years, "all the way" construction adheres to openness and inclusiveness, with policy communication, facilities Unicom, trade smooth, capital financial communication and people’s hearts, providing opportunities and platform for the development of countries around the world, most of the world National recognition.

So far, China has signed more than 200 companies with 32 international organizations with 32 international organizations.

  In the post-epidemic age, the willingness to participate in the construction of "a way all the way" is also more intense. The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused serious impact on the economies of various countries, exacerbating the South and South development gaps and internal gaps. In the post-epidemic era, restore economic and social development as soon as possible is the primary task in front of governments.

The recovery economy requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, and requires a huge consumer market.

In this context, China’s theme of peace and development is willing to build "all the way" to build a new opportunity to provide new opportunities for countries, helping countries to exclude external interference, concentrate on promoting social development and economic construction, and retrays worldwide Go back to the road to joint development, thereby reducing the regional development gap and drive all countries to share development results. In this process, how can I better play a common benefit of the "One Belt All Road"? Three keywords need to be grasped, that is, high standards, sustainable and benefits.

  First, high standards means sharing scientific and technological cooperation results.

Event the impact of epidemic and climate change, today a series of new development concepts, development models and development technologies have begun to see Ni. China took the lead in achieving the peak of carbon dioxide in 2030, 2060, to realize carbon neutralization goals, EU, Japan, South Korea, Canada, etc. also proposed green development policies, and green development philosophy has received more and more countries. At the same time, digital economy, e-commerce, etc. have become new development models, AI technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and 5G technology. High standards are to share the current advanced production technology, ideas, patterns, and efficient management methods to "all the way" construction, so that countries along the country can enjoy the development bonus brought by advanced productivity. Second, sustainability has a multi-hierarchical connotation. First, the sustainability of the construction project – the project promotion should be based on the "work in contemporary, the benefits in the Qianqiu", which must not only meet the needs of contemporary people, but also considering the development of future generations. Second, sustainability is in mutual benefit, that is, ensuring that countries, enterprises, civil organizations, and individuals, etc., all participation subjects, can get gains. For China, we must promote the use of "a belt all the way" to promote the benign interaction between domestic circulation and international circulation, in turn inject new vitality into its own development and world economic recovery.

Third, sustainability is also reflected in the construction of "a belt all road" concept and existing international order, promoting international order to develop toward more equality, diversified, inclusive, and fair direction, and improve existing inequality order. Make it more in line with human mainstream values.

  Finally, Huimin students are the foundation of "all the way".

From the current development of the current social development, Huimin students must first solve the people’s food and clothing, that is, by increasing employment, improve the income of the people through infrastructure, making the people’s living environment more convenient, through development education to enrich the spiritual life of the people, pass through Develop medical and health to protect the health and safety of the people.

In short, we need to fully mobilize the power of the people. In the era of postpartum, China’s development is inseparable from the world, and the development of the world is also inseparable from China.

Standing in a new point of history, China will examine the relationship with the world with a broader mind and field of view, and the future development of China will continue to integrate with the world’s development, "all the way" is communication China and the world, will China and the world Bridges integrated into integration.

Building a "One Belt All Road" will comply with peace, prosperity, open, green, innovation and world development main melody, to achieve common prosperity contribution to countries.

  (Author: Li Yonghui, Zhang Ting Ting is divided into Beijing Xi Jinping New Times, China Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center, Professor, International Relations University of Beijing Foreign Language University, Beijing Xi Jinping New Times, China Characteristic Research Center, Chinese Characteristic Research Center, Beijing Foreign Language University Relations Center researcher) (Editor: Wanpeng, Lephen).