Bazhou District Bazhong dang beams street demolish illegal structures up to 10 years of barns

Into the River Community Building, Riverside, unpleasant odor, greeted by a tarpaulin and wooden structures barns.

This hidden in the downtown district for 10 years sheds, residential property owners become pain in my heart, though repeatedly renovation, but so far there is no cure. In this regard, dang beams streets and package insurance units Municipal Development staff in-depth visits to the masses, who learned to build sheds is an old man suffering from leukemia, usually by picking up waste and poultry livelihood, the family more difficult. To this end, the beam dang neighborhood offices and Bazhong Development and Reform Commission of personnel repeatedly come home, and patience with the old man, listen to the demands of publicity illegal structures, policies and regulations to create a civilized city. Meanwhile, relevant departments to coordinate a fight for subsistence allowances for the elderly, serious illness relief and other policies to address temporary relief capital of 10 million yuan. After repeated propaganda policy, an old man offered to demolish illegally built sheds.

September 3, dang beams neighborhood offices and Bazhong Development and Reform Commission, the River Community organizations and city inspectors, sanitation and other units started demolition work.

After nearly three days of work, illegal structures demolished sheds are smooth, white trash site, thoroughly clean up pollutants, heart problems surrounding residents for many years to cure. Next, dang beam Street office will work with a package insurance unit, to the old district and padded short board Beijiexiaoxiang basis of damaged roads, wall repair, concentration and control the fly line and the "three lines" to do normal good hygiene cleaning, creating the text ongoing publicity, build and create a universal, shared by all people to create atmosphere, creating the text work together to win the battle. (Ho ceremony, Hong tall) (Editor: Luo Yu, high Hongxia) share to allow more people to see.