Along the river: 453 grids 12251 "Ten Yingjia" guardian peace and happiness

"I really didn’t expect, from the reporting situation to the problem properly resolved, only half an hour." On October 29th, the residents of the Huhuaqiao Community in Heping Street along the River Tujia Autonomous County, the residents, the social governance of the residents, the social governance Overhead.

In step by step, Zhuzhu has a special identity – joint petitioner. Last year, she graduated from her home to work in her home, and she was dedicated to the "head" of 12 households. The residents were looking for her. Just took office, Zhuzhu met with a tricky thing.

Two households have made up the garbage of the garbage in the door, persuading the no results, the first time reflects the net whistlers in the area, and the net whose official will feedback to the secretary of the Community Party Branch, and the grid Chang Zhou Xiling.

After receiving the news, Zhou Xiling contacted the first time of the building team of the building, the member of the building team in the building, and then he also arrived at the scene.

Due to the pre-reporting of the bamboo, I have a solution to the original committee. To this end, it is very likely that conflict conflict disputes, which is quickly resolved.

The flower bridge community is located in the central city of the county, is the most populous community in the county, and the floating population exceeds the population of the household registration, and the difficulty of management can be imagined. But unexpectedly, from January to September this year, the community administrative case, criminal issues fell by%,%, and there were no murdered cases, no level petition, no contradiction disputes.

The practice of the flower bridge community is a microcosm of the modernization of the city’s social governance system and governance.

Since this year, the river autonomous county has pushed the high-quality development along the city, continuously improve the contradictory dispute, the multi-decomposition mechanism, and the high position promoted the "one-center network ten joint house" grassroots governance construction, forming "party construction leads, The comprehensive management center is platform, with the grassroots governance service system, which is based on the linkage, with the net household, and the information is based on information, and strives to build a joint social governance pattern to achieve the minimization, service performance of the management unit. maximize.

It is reported that, at present, the county has divided 453 city and hural meshes, equipped with 2,625 special part-time nets, in the building, blocks, natural villages, will scattered residents according to 10 households to build "Ten Integrals" management, 12251 "Ten Towns", 620 solutions to the masses, the number of criminal issues, and contradictory disputes fell more than 30% year-on-year.

"I have opened the ‘last km’ of the service, let the party’s work is deeper and more and more and more." Wang Suzhou, the Standing Committee of the County Committee of the River Tujia Autonomous County, said Wang Suzhou, the "one center is one network ten" Since the promotion of the city governance work, the new model of the county, township, villages, groups, ten groups, the five-level linkage, the rapid response, the public response to the first time response and solved the contradiction between the masses It was found and resolved, and the people and party policies were collected and transmitted in a time. (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.