Beijing to open double hit 5.0 mode

  2020 pairs hit coming weeks, Beijing Beijing transcripts showed double hit double hit open mode from 2015 to 2019, Beijing has patents per million people grew by 130%, the daily number of new science and technology enterprises increased from 110 to 250, state-level high-tech enterprises increased from 10,000 to 10,000, the number of enterprises increased from unicorn 40-93 …… behind the numbers, it is Beijing’s booming double hit power.

Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently disclosed, driven by double hit weeks, Beijing has developed into eco-mode service covering the whole chain of innovation and entrepreneurship and enterprise development life cycle, the formation of Beijing Double-invasive mode, continue to lead the country’s double hit of the new trend.

  Boom: the birth of the world’s first quantum computer, the country’s first global leader in embedded artificial intelligence "Chinese core" 250 science and technology enterprises every day …… In recent years, a series of global par, leading the country’s ground-breaking innovations in Beijing emerged. "In six years, under the influence of double hit Week, led by Beijing continued to improve innovation and entrepreneurial drive.

"City Development and Reform Commission official said, the public highly entrepreneurial innovation has become an important carrier of Beijing implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, the construction of the National Science and Technology Innovation Center, and promote the development of high-quality capital.

  Data show that in 2019, Beijing invention patents per million people in possession of 132, an increase of 130% compared to 2015 levels for many years ranked first in the country, about 10 times the national average; demonstration area of Zhongguancun enterprises with international patent application PCT 4638, accounting for 1/4 of the national high-tech zones.

  On the other side, the main innovation is also growing, from 2015 to 2019, the daily number of new science and technology enterprises increased from 110-250, state-level high-tech enterprises increased from 10,000 to 10,000, the number of enterprises Unicorn increased from 40-93, the number of enterprises and the overall valuations are doubled. "Four score double brisk, growing double hit for the team ‘Beijing to create’ laid a solid foundation for growth." Relevant person in charge said. Vitality: high-tech services to lead the country sights Zhongguancun.

Last year, the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone created the leading publishing standards to 10313, the international standard 434 which is double the level in 2015.

  More and more international standard created by the dominant Zhongguancun, reflects the vigorous vitality of this land.

In recent years, "a three-city area" as the country’s main center of scientific and technological innovation platform construction full speed, 5 to gather the city’s science and technology enterprises, contributing 3 percent of the city’s GDP, 60 percent of the science and technology achievement awards.

Haidian, Tsinghua University, Baidu and other 20 pairs of Model base to support innovation and entrepreneurial strength of rapid expansion, accounting for 1/6 of the national total; the city has all kinds of public a platform more than 500 start-ups and service team nearly ten thousand, effectively promoted the sophisticated artificial intelligence industry, integrated circuits, medicine and health. "New technologies, new models, new formats, new services, new features for the booming economy, accelerate the transformation and promote industrial structure, accelerate the development of sophisticated industry." Municipal Development and Reform Commission responsible person revealed that in 2019, Beijing to achieve new economy increase value billion, up 57% compared with 2016, accounting for the city’s GDP accounted for% compared with 2016 upgrade points.

  In addition, when the city’s high-tech industry added value billion yuan, an increase of 6% compared with 2015, the proportion of GDP accounted%, compared with 2015 upgrade points.

High-tech service industry has become a pillar industry of the city’s service industry first, the added value of the city’s tertiary industry reached 29%.

High-tech services to lead the country, accounting for about one third of the income scale. Services: convergence 200,000 business services company established two years, attracted to the inauguration of Microsoft’s product planners; the establishment of three years, was named the national high-tech enterprises; the establishment of five years, to obtain four times 12 Sino-US investment institutions over 100 million …… yuan financing in Zhongguancun science and technology circles, the myth of the creation of a series of Chen Zhen was 27-year-old entrepreneur, has been six years when the CEO.

He took "quick sense of science and technology," the team broke into the visual field of artificial intelligence, to give the robot mounted on a pair of eyes.

  Innovation and entrepreneurship regardless of age, do not ask origin. "Beijing’s main innovation and entrepreneurship small congregation to the public, researchers, teachers, business executives, demobilized cadres, doctors, students and other broad participation of entrepreneurs, highly educated entrepreneurs become the main force.

"The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said.

  Innovation and entrepreneurship has become common practice, Beijing’s policy of double hit breadth, depth, continuous improvement, and institutional obstacles continue to get rid of the shackles of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Data show that as of the end of 2019, Beijing brought together about 200 000 business services company, nearly 20,000 angel investors, more than 670 venture capital institutions to form a "polymeric elements, body coordination, cultural integration, environment-friendly" eco-innovation and entrepreneurship system, the ability to attract innovative entrepreneurs are more affluent. More importantly, Beijing initiative to link global innovation networks, innovation and entrepreneurship international gene further energized, and gradually upgrade to a global type of innovation and entrepreneurship. In Beijing Fortune 500 corporate headquarters 56, for five consecutive years ranked first in the world in major cities, more than 560 foreign R & D institutions.

Zhongguancun establishment of 19 overseas liaison office in Silicon Valley, Israel and other places to set up branches overseas R & D and leader over 1000.

  "After a property, service-oriented, investment-oriented, value-based fourth generation transformation, Beijing has been developed to cover innovation and entrepreneurship whole chain and enterprise development life cycle of ecological services, the formation of Beijing Double-invasive mode, continuing to lead the country double hit of a new trend. "the official said. +1.