“Thank you。”
Come out of the Nonferrous Metals Research Institute,Ding Ruoyan said suddenly。
“what?”Chen Geng was startled,Then smiled:“Thanks what?”
“Thanks for helping me,”Looking at Chen Geng,Ding Ruoyan is serious:“I am certain,If it wasn’t for you to help me stand,It’s impossible for the Nonferrous Metals Research Institute to agree so much。”
Chen Geng did not deny,Said with a smile:“Why are you so polite,Are we friends,Moreover,Didn’t you promise me yesterday that I will be in the company30%Shares of?I can get a penny without paying30%Shares of,I make a big profit。”
Ding Ruoyan pursed her mouth,not talking:Who is making big money?,She knew very well in her heart。
Chen Geng is about to speak,Kelly·Hicks came over with the phone:“boss,your phone number,Barron·Mr. Hilton is calling。”
Chen Geng is a little curious:Barron·What is Hilton calling himself at this time??Weird,Chen Geng did not hesitate:“Mr hilton,Is there a problem?”
“Mr. Fernandez,Is such that,”Barron·Hilton didn’t sell him to Chen Geng either,Just say it:“You know,I come to China this time,Is to let Hilton Hotel land in China。”
“Yes,I know。”Chen Geng nodded。
“Two days of inspection,I found that your China World Tower is the most suitable place for Hilton Group to open a hotel,”On the phone,Barron·Hilton says:“No matter the surrounding environment、Customers of China World Trade Center are everything else,China World Tower is the most suitable,So i want to ask you,Can we cooperate?”
Barron·Hilton’s voice is a little eager。
No wonder he is so eager,It’s because after almost a week of inspection,Barron·Hilton Discovery,Chen Geng has just been put into use for two years、The China World Tower, which is still attracting investment, is the most suitable bridgehead for Hilton Hotel Group to enter China,Barron·Hilton values,Is where the China World Tower is located:Located on Jianguomenwai Avenue,Adjacent to Dongchang@On Street,Surrounded by many central ministries and commissions of the Chinese government,It can be said to be the best location in the capital。
Also because of this,I haven’t even waited for the International Trade Building to be completed,Including Royal Shell Petroleum、BNP Paribas、Many Chinese and foreign multinational corporate groups such as HSBC have signed settlement agreements with building managers.,Barron·Hilton also saw this,I decided to open the Hilton Hotel here,If the Hilton Hotel can be opened in Chen Geng’s International Trade Building,Nothing else,At least customers don’t have to worry,The senior officials of these large multinational groups are the best target customer groups for Hilton Hotels。
Chen Geng,For Barron·Hilton’s choice is not surprising,He even guessed this possibility a long time ago,Nodded:“of course,Of course we can cooperate,But one thing I need to clarify,The property in China World Tower is only rented but not sold,and so……”