“Blue Light Messenger,Repair position,Unknown realm,Good at cursing,Very weird,Suspected identity。Worth 18,000。”

“Inanimate believers,Wen Hongshen,Primordial monk,Good at fire spells,Worth five thousand great merits。”
“Choose first,I’ll give you their information after choosing。”
Li Ming glanced over,On strength,These Yuanshen Taoists can naturally be killed easily。
But he didn’t plan to use his full strength。
Even if he has the same position as Bai’s,Keep a little too,It’s enough to burst out the strength equivalent to a general Sanxian。
And the general San Xian Di Xian-level monk,It may not be possible to hunt down some particularly powerful Yuanshen Taoists.。
“Immortal religion,If I remember correctly, it should be a sect dedicated to the true god of Jinxing,Strange methods,Although I am high,But the body is still a primordial Taoist,Yuan Shen Demon Refining Body,In order to avoid accidents or exclude members of the core sect, the Blue Light Messenger。”
“Saitosan and Wen Hongshen, whose merits are less than 10,000, are also eliminated first。”
Li Ming didn’t think for long,Decided directly。
“Then give me the details of Yuan Yeyi first,I will take this task first!”
“Really kill Yuan Yeyi?He is the strongest among the five,That is to say, the blue light messenger of the Wusheng Tianjiao can be compared!”
“rest assured,Kill him easily!”
Fairy Baiyuan gives you Li Ming a file,It introduces Yuan Yeyi’s information in detail。
Yuan Yeyi,Was born as Saito’s servant,Because of outstanding talent,Accepted as a disciple by Cangxian。
He is a member of the Saito family,Good strength,A vein of Sunda iron that has long guarded Saito。
Station of the vein,Supported by formation,It’s hard for an ordinary Sanxian to kill him,And soon Saito’s fairy will come。
In the small world,It’s hard to find a small move,But these immortals in the big world can easily move over。
and so,Even if you want to kill such a monk,Must kill and slip away in three breaths,If it exceeds this time,Saito’s fairy will come anytime。