Lu Haozheng smiled slightly,Watching her eyes gentle,“Can you say this?,I got some comfort in my heart.。”

Blue Xindao:“Sleep quickly,Staying up late to your body。”
Lu Haocheng sat up,“Wife,I suddenly can’t sleep.。”
Blue Xin smiled slightly,“That will sleep, sleep again.,I will take a bath first.。”
Lu Haozheng hugged her,Bathing with her,Two times,Lu Haozheng put her in a wheelchair。
“Blue,Have you got up??”
Mu Qing’s voice。
Blue Xin:“Mother,Woke up。”
Mu Qing’s two bowl porridge,Looking at their husband and wife laughing,“Your father makes people send you porridge that you like.,Hurry,A Cheng you also eat it in rest,Ok, I fell asleep.,After this, he will be fine after waking up.,The child’s disease is coming soon.。”
Blue Xinyi:“Mother,it’s all my fault,I shouldn’t give him so many things yesterday.。”
Mu Qing put the porridge on the table,road:“Of course you stick to you,You are not easy to accompany him to play.,How can he let go of those food?。
This disease is once,Of course, it will also feel very worthwhile.。”
Blue Xinyi helpless,I know what my son is thinking.。
“But this mother is very hard,Of course it is guilty。”
Mu Qing looked at the daughter’s distressed eyes,Like smile:“Mother is free,Not hard at all。
You drink porridge,I let Xiao Jun and Kiki eat it.。”
“it is good!”
Blue Xin laughs。
Mu Qing is leaving。
Noon,Le Yu and Mu Ziqi also come over to eat。
Le Yu,I originally wanted to ask about it.,But I’m still sick.,She didn’t ask again。
Four people sit in the living room,Lu Haocheng looked at Mu Zizi:“Muzi,Do you want to go back??
How have you been in Le Yujia?”
Mu Zi louted him with him.,Is this a friend??
How to say this?
He is now, I want to take care of it.,Although he is sitting on a wheelchair,But some things can,He still can do it.。
“I live in my wife’s home.,Not live in your home,What is your vinegar??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Is he jealous??
Eating his vinegar?
His heart is about to collapse。
“Yes,My future husband lives in my house,is it not OK?”
Le Yu is also a straight look of Lu Haozheng.。
Lu Hao“He is more”Expression。
This is really thinking twice。
“Can,Can,You just didn’t say anything.。”
Lu Haozheng is close to his wife,Pulling her blink of her,Their husband and wife sing a song,What is his wife says??
Blue Xin also knows what he means,Just laughing,Not talking。