Tong Xu saw from a distance,Asked:“Who is that?”

“Uncle Wu。”Gan Xiaoxiao casually replied,“The room has been booked for you,Go to the front yard to check in yourself,My mother is still looking for me。”
Gan Xiaoxiao leaves,Tong Xu went to the front yard in no hurry,But wandered to Gan Yifan’s house。
Brightly lit in the yard,The roar of the machine continues,Workers rush to work day and night,Come here early to start work,Generally, work will not stop until after ten o’clock at night。Remote yard,I didn’t disturb the people,The host wants them to work overtime to catch up,A lot of money,They are willing to work hard。
Tong Xu probed his brain and saw such a scene,I didn’t see the one who just came in“Uncle Wu”,The small building is lit,Should be in the building。Tong Xu observed for a while,No one noticed him,Just walk into the yard。
The yard is quite big,Much bigger than his grandfather’s single-family villa yard,Tusk in his mouth,Picked a bunch of grapes and ate,Eating and walking towards the small building as if inspecting the progress of the project,Don’t say,Thus,The workers only thought he had something to do with the master,All busy。
Tong Xu came to the small building like this,The small building door is closed,The windows are not closed,He is leaning against the window,Look like waiting,My ears stand up。
“Professor Gan,Blame me for this,I asked Wu Heng to bring them over to find Yifan,But don’t worry,They are not malicious,Just take a look at him……”
Living room,Wu Changan is talking to the old professor。
The old professor didn’t say a word,Just staring at Wu Changan,Those slightly cloudy presbyopia,At this moment, it reveals the awe-inspiring spirit cultivated by a wide teacher,Make it difficult for Wu Changan to face up。
Cough a few times,Wu Changan shook his head,Sincerely:“Professor Gan,I didn’t hide it on purpose,It’s a big deal,It’s not an exaggeration to use state secrets,Don’t make it difficult for me,Can’t say so clearly。”
“Drink water。”The old professor gave him a glass of water。
Wu Changan didn’t think much,Thanks,Take a sip。
Go on,His face changed immediately,Cold entrance,Entering the abdomen is with a unique warmth,It seems that taking this bite has warmed the body that has been tortured by the cold for more than ten years,I feel a lot more relaxed,This kind of experience has never happened before。
He took another sip,Feel more obvious,Take another sip……
No water。
A stream of heat flows through the body,Sweat wet his clothes,The cold that has tortured him for more than ten years seems to have disappeared without a trace,He feels full of vitality,As if back to the prime of life more than ten years ago。