The strongest man,The strongest in the universe in the past three reincarnation eras,The creator of the virtual universe,Original ancestor!

Gentle original ancestor,Kind of easy going。By contrast,Chaos City Lord is too serious,And the giant axe is easy going to bold。
Li Ming looks at the original ancestor,The original ancestor actually observed Li Ming。
“Very short practice time,Strong sense of law,The will to reach the void。。。And the luck is amazing!”
In the eyes of the original ancestor,Li Ming, the Lord of Infinity, also gave him a great surprise。
This is the strongest rising star of the human race,In contrast, the Galactic Lord is also very good,But it’s worse。
“You are the Lord of Infinity,Disciple of Longxing?”The original ancestor’s every move is like a spring breeze。He looked at Li Mingwan as if he looked at an excellent child。indeed,to him,There are indeed few human races that are not‘child’of。
Is the founder of Giant Axe,Chaos City Lord was brought out by him。
“Yes,Original ancestor!”Li Ming bent over to salute。
As a great being that blessed the early stages of human development,The original ancestor deserves such respect。
“well,The messages you give to the race,I have seen it too,It is indeed a good guide for the Lord of the universe to break through to the strongest,And the Rhinoceros Bureau。。。If it becomes popular,It will certainly bring great benefits to mankind。”
Stop talking,Yuanzu shook his head,At least it’s not the time for popularization。The Lord of the universe of the human race can basically get absolute trust。But in the universe?Maybe there is an existence controlled by alien souls。
This is doomed,In a short period of time, these knowledge and secrets can only be passed on between the Lord of the Universe and a few venerables.。
“Great Axe、chaos,You come to me with unlimited,I have understood the specific situation。”
“unlimited,You have the right to inherit the secrets of that ancient civilization。。”